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15 April 2012, 19:17   Report Abuse

Dhaval Patel


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An employer-sponsored retirement plan that has become an expected benefit and is therefore important in attracting and retaining employees. A 401(k) plan allows employees to defer taxes as they save for retirement by placing before-tax dollars directly into an investment account. Employers also contribute to the plan tax-free, for instance by matching contributions. Some plans enable employees to direct their own investments. These plans can be expensive and complex to manage. It is common for companies to outsource all or part of their plan.


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18 April 2012, 16:21  

Ravi Agarwal

Professor of Finance and Accounting

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Kindly clarify if this is an Indian provision? Is it applicable to Indian companies?

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20 April 2012, 22:19  



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 nice one                        

21 April 2012, 11:56  



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 Its applicable only in the USA.


Dhaval you should note to it that you give the needed info instead of just posting!

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