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02 July 2019, 11:05   Report Abuse


[ Scorecard : 32]

Did you think that your love honeys may fool you? When I go to bed different thoughts come to my mind so I’m becoming like a mad person , you know.. what if my wife has somebody else..

03 July 2019, 09:48  


[ Scorecard : 28]

Did you try to talk with her to figure everything out? If you keep silence it will be continued the way it is now. Or may. E it’s just your illusions so you need some medicine to calm down yourself 

03 July 2019, 18:42  


[ Scorecard : 38]

You think too much about it and you’re becoming paranoiac.. but you can test her just install this free cell phone tracker and you will see If she fools or you just becoming mad person. I have already tested And know for sure my wife doesn’t fool me. 

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