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22 January 2018, 15:00   Report Abuse

Anvi Sharma

[ Scorecard : 80]

If you have ever been on a loan journey or had earlier applied for a credit card, you must have heard the term ‘Credit Score’, isn’t it? That’s Right! A credit score is one such crucial aspect without which an individual won’t be able to grab the best deal for a loan. Yes, before offering the loan to the applicants, there is no denying the fact that lenders do check the credit score just to better know the repayment history of a borrower. And, one such score which most of the lenders do consider is an Experian Credit Score.


If we talk more about the same, it is nothing but a numeric representation of your past repayment record , which is solely based on your cibil report. And, you know what is the most exciting thing here? Well, you would be glad to know that these days there are multiple sites that allow you to check free experian credit score.


Yes, with the help of these reliable sites, you can easily check your credit score online and can also get your report. Now you must be wondering how to check your score online? What are the steps involved? Well, just to make the things simpler for you, below we have described the step-by-step manual. So, take a look at the steps below…


How to Check Free Experian Credit Score Online?


There are few steps you need to follow in order to know your score in a hassle-free manner. Just read about them in the article below…


Step 1 : Personal Form Detail

Step 2:  OTP Verification

Step 3: User Detail Form

Step 4: Q & A Form


Before we move on with the topic, it is important to give you more facts about experian score so that you can have a better understanding of the same.


So as we have mentioned above that it is a numeric representation of your  past repayment record and is calculated on the basis of your credit report. Moreover, the higher score you have, the better prospects it opens for you to grab a lucrative loan deal. When it comes to an experian score, it ranges between 0-999 and it is further classified into different categories.


  • If a score ranges between 961-999, it is considered to be Excellent
  • If the score of an individual ranges between 881-960, it is considered to be Good
  • The score of 721-880 is considered to be Fair
  • Having a score of 561-720 comes under the category of Poor
  • And, finally, a score of 0-560 is considered to be Very Poor


Moreover, if we look into this matter seriously, a credit score is one such catalyst without which the lenders don’t give away the loan or even the credit card so easily. For them, it is important to consider the same so as to have a brief idea about a borrower’s repayment history or past track, whether he/she has defaulted or not. And, on the basis of the same, a credit report of an applicant’s gets generated, which is further reach out to many banks and NBFCs. However, it’s not only the score but there are other factors as well such as income, age, job stability, work experience and employer type that also decide the loan/credit eligibility of an individual.


Furthermore, if you want to know how your experian credit report is generated, read the article below..


Following are the key essentials taken into consideration while generating your credit report:


  • How many credit accounts you have
  • How much credit you owe in total
  • Whether you have missed any payment
  • How many credit application you have made in the last 6 months


Now that you know much about an experian score, so let’s just give you a brief about how to check free Experian credit score. Yes, what are the required details you need to enter filing while checking your score. Take a look below to know the credentials.


Step 1: Type your Full Name, Mobile Number, Email ID and Click on Submit

Step 2: An OTP is sent to the registered mobile number

Step 3: Enter the OTP and Click on ‘Verify & Continue’

Step 4: Select your Date of Birth and Gender

Step 5: Enter your Permanent Address including State, City, Pincode

Step 6: Type your PAN Number & Submit


So, hope through this article, you have learned a lot about an Experian Credit Score and keep the pointers in mind while availing a loan/credit card in the future.  


23 January 2018, 09:11  

Wade Wilson

[ Scorecard : 62]

thanks for the information

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