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Voter ID Application Status

As the name suggest, Voter ID card is required to cast your vote and elect a leader who will then run the country. In India elections are held in every 5 years at the central level. And the citizens get the right to participate in elections by showing the voter ID card they own. These voter ID cards are issued to them by the government of India. And all the Indian citizens who are above the age of 18 years are eligible to vote. However, to exercise this power they are required to register themselves for the electoral process. And they are also considered to be valid proof of identity and proof of address.

Hence, it is important to own voters ID card. Election commission have made the Voter ID Application Process easier for citizens to apply for Voter ID cards or make changes in their cards.

The Election Commission of India is an authority which is distinctly separate from the Election Commission of the States and Union Territories by virtue of its mandate and jurisdiction assigned under the Constitution. 

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