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Though branding makes a product expensive but the mass prefers to opt for them as with branding comes adjectives like quality and safety. An organization reaches far heights because of the level of performance and customer satisfaction that it provides. A product liked by many attracts many others towards it.


Companies today spend immense amount of money on branding their product so as to create a mass appeal. Press releases, newspaper and television advertisements, internet marketing, sponsoring an event, CSR, etc are some modes of spreading a word amongst the mass. It is because of these publicity stunts that the product gets a brand name.


Another method that has proven effective is attaching a tagline to your product. An attractive tag that grips the audience attention sells the most. It creates an impact and a person likes to share an innovative tag with his/her friends thus help in propaganda.


But how does a best brand remain in the same position for a while. It is said the more quickly you reach the sky, the faster you come down. So how does one maintain consistency? It is the employees that make or break a brand. This is the reason why employees look forward to be associated with a well known organization. Such a company not only keeps its customers happy but also its employees. It procures the best workforce that delivers the best performance thus leveraging the company name.


-Arti Bakshi

“Human Resource”

03 December 2009, 12:08  



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it is very true

22 December 2018, 18:49  


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该品牌致力于许多产品和服务。该评论/ 分享他们服务的基本知识,您可以结账并获得一些基本折扣。

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