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A common query MBA students as seen on our Forum is that what other courses should they do along with their MBA in Finance. Here are some courses a Finance MBA student might evaluate:
1. NCFM course
2. CFA - Indian or American
3. Financial Modelling 
4. Online Technical Courses/ MOOCs on Finance.
A number of leading portals offer Short courses to strengthen the Technical skills in Finance. CAClubindia has a  course on Financial Modelling/ Projections. A few premiere B-schools and IIMs offer certain Online MOOCs and online courses, make sure you check them out. MBA is all about getting a management perspective and its not necessary that your MBA course is imparting you with all the needed technical skills. Technical skills can be learnt from the open resources or via the ample number of online short & dedicated courses. Make use of your time as you enjoy your MBA journey. 

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