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I had been to  Govt. Hospital  along with my aged father(80) to get the certificate under the Hearing impairment as he had serious hearing difficulty and went the procedures at Govt. Hospital in Chennai.  The lady Doctor who was testing  the audimetric test, enquired to what for he was there, for which I answered that i need a certiicate under section 80DD to claim the IT benefit.  She was very adamant that due to old age and other issues, my father had got a hearing difficulty and this will not come under the disability and as such the certificate can not be  given and she wrote clearly that my father is not entittled to the disability and this has gone to the Medical Board.  Since she has given  such a report, will i get  the certificate under form 10-IA is a million dollar question? Is it right?Whether the Doctor is right? can my father get a certificate  udner the Hearing impairment?  Your learned views are solicited .


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