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General Points: -

Resume should be Just like a Mirror which reflect your Identity, Character, Skills you possess, and willingness to do job etc.

Resume should not too short and not too long it should of that length in which you can easily define yourself.

Language should be Professional and Correct English. Language should neither too complicated nor too simple, should it be according to level of Job you’re applying.

Font Size and Font type should be same in complete Resume (You can bold or Italics some Words whenever it is needed) Font Type should be used form those generally accepted font in Universe (Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri etc.)

Resume Formatting should be attractive but don’t use fancy formatting.

Contact Detail must include Phone, Pin and Email. All Information provided in Resume True and Fair or Correct.

Heading Wise: -

Career Objective: - It should represent what you are now (what you had done in Past) and where you want to reach in your life (what you want to do in Future). It should be so simple and short; it should not be more than 3-4 lines.

Qualification: - Table Format should be preferred while showing your qualification in Resume. Table Must Contain Examination, Year, Board/University, and Percentage of Marks as Headings. If you have done any Certification Course like NCFM, CFP, ITT, GMCS, RKCIL and any other Courses, you should mention Certificates you had gained in Qualification.

Computer Proficiency: - You must mention those types of Software or Application which are relevant to your Job. MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point and MS Access) must be in your Resume either you know or not, if don’t know any Application of MS Office than you must learn or practice before applying. If you have good Typing Speed (More than 30 WPM) then you should mention it in your Resume.

Work Experience: - First mention Name of Organization where you had worked, you can also mention brief descriptttion about Organization where you had worked. After that you should mention Nature of Work Assigned to you. While mentioning nature of work assigned to you, you must use professional and smart language e.g. If You had Assigned Preparation of Income Tax Return than You Should Mention like Taxation and Tax Planning etc.

Core Competence: - It is better to mention Core Competence rather than Skills. In this Heading you should mention what skills you possess. Skills which you mention must show your zeal to do work in organization.

Achievements: - What you have achieved in your life till date of Resume like School Topper (You Lead), Class Topper (You Lead), House Leader (Shows Leadership Quality), Class Monitor (You are Responsible), Medal in Sports (Also Participate in other activities and overall development) etc. There may be other achievements which you had achieved in your life, you must mention in your resume etc.

Personal Information: - All Relevant information about yourself like Father and Mothers Name, Marital Status, Sex, DOB, Language Known, Nationality, Strength, Hobby etc.

Strength: - You must mention all good qualities you have. Some Examples of Good Qualities are Cooperative, Confident, Hardworking, Punctuality, Leadership, Good listener and Quick Learner,

Hobbies: - Hobbies means activity done for Pleasure. Your Hobbies must be according to your age group and are not those which are obstacle in in working (Example of Bad Hobby is Internet Surfing) etc. You must know all things about hobby you had mentioned. Declaration: - It is Preferred to declaration of truth ness of Information provided by you. You must sign just after Declaration with your name.

Note: - You can add some more Headings but keep in Mind that Adding of more heading will not make your resume lengthier and flow of headings should not be disturbed.

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