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04 April 2012, 21:13   Report Abuse

om prakash pandey

sales executive

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i am om prakash pandey and i am pursuing MBA in marketing and i have been given MRP to make but i am too much confushed for best topic and i would like to tell some thing that by making a research a want to solve any product's company problem so means by my research i want to solve any existing problem taking any cosumer's product company so please suggest a best topic so that i can prove my self in front of respective company and here i am giving importace of a problem in sales and marketing field whether it is any company it is ok. it doesn't matter for me that to which company i am making research.just i am finding a best problem so by solving that problem by making a research i want to prove my self because i am too much keened for doing marketing research because i will learn a lot of thing by solving problem.and my email address is

thanking you

06 April 2012, 11:45  

Vidya Janardhan


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 WHy not design a perspective from sales perspective?

For example: Asking customers when did they purchase the item, was the sales team helpful.

How often do they shop o buy the broduct, were the staff polite and gave all the information asked, etc.

30 June 2014, 14:25  



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Have survey about  four or five topic based then that result you can select any will halp you alot.also try to any ongoing project for good concern.

25 May 2018, 12:10  

Noah Emmerich

[ Scorecard : 24]

I'm also looking for topics for Major Research Project in Marketing.

Spanish dictionary


03 October 2018, 18:46  


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