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18 June 2019, 20:35   Report Abuse


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My wife tells me that I make not enough money for the family , that I don’t try harder. But I go to work everyday and don’t have free time to do something else.. is there any solution ? Divorce or understanding ?

19 June 2019, 19:20  


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Poor dude

I had the same problems but we could everything work it out . Did you ask her to find a job? Or may be you better change yours 

21 June 2019, 21:36  


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Poor guys 

your wifes deserve the best things in the world which are only exist don’t you understand that? So start doing anything to make them happy ! If you’re lack of money follow this use it Even if you don’t watch sport start to learn it or ask your friends to help you make a bet . It’s an easiest way to make money I know ! How could you miss that I wonder!?

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