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04 October 2019, 16:12   Report Abuse

Emma Watson

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The first thing when you want to do it when you start using Gdax ( Coinbase Pro ) is to verify your phone number. It is a simple method to do. For iOS users, Install the app from the Apple store; go to menu from the navigation bar.  Go to settings; it will last in the navigation bar. There will be various options here. Click on the phone numbers. Now it will ask you to verify the number. Enter the mobile number; you want to confirm, click on Next. Gdax ( coinbase Pro ) will send you a verification code, enter it. Now The phone number is verified. If you are facing a problem, get in touch by coinbase phone support number.  If you by any chance see it as Gdax login, then don’t worry. For android users, Install the App from Google play store. Do not download the app from anywhere else. It might contain malware & virus.  After it installed, Go to settings from the navigation menu. Click on the Phone number. A sign of + Will is there. Click on it to start the process. Add the mobile number. Click On verify. You are going to receive a Confirmation Code from Coinbase. Enter it, and Your phone number will get confirmed.

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16 October 2019, 22:33  


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19 October 2019, 19:55  

Alisa Church

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