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12 October 2012, 13:03   Report Abuse

Member (Account Deleted)


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Can anyone please suggest which course to pursue after CA?

Should i go for MBA or CS?

Which one will give value addition to my career?

Expecting your valuable suggestions.

12 October 2012, 15:51  

Dr. Anand Wadadekar

Educationist | Economist | Author

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Dear Ashima,

It is pretty simple.

If you consider combining secretarial department with accounts, then you can choose CS.

If you consider to concentrate on finance only, then you can choose MBA Fin.


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15 October 2012, 16:04  



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come on yar u are ca you should not ask such questions

16 October 2012, 11:49  



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Up to my suggestion MBA would be better than CS

03 November 2012, 09:43  

Member (Account Deleted)


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Depends  upon your interest levels ... If you wanna work in corporate sector and good at learning law , compliances and provisions ....then its better to choose CS.

On the other hand, if your practical skills , planning  and presentation skills are too good, then you should choose MBA.

14 May 2019, 22:46  


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MBA is very useful I guess. As it has highest score when compared to other courses. Even learning about the marketing skills and the business skills is one of the major advantages along with some technical skills. Recently I have read some articles in ukwritings review services about the importance of MBA course and also how can we prepare for the entrance test.

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