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17 October 2012, 10:44   Report Abuse



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Please suggest a good MBA college in Bangalore through MAT or ATMA.


17 October 2012, 11:59  



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ISME accepts CAT/XAT/ATMA/MAT and other national aptitude test.However this is not the only criteria for admission, selected students must then attend interview round where in he/she is assessed based on academic record, communicational skills, work experience (preferred but not mandatory)and leadership abilities 

ISME is a top MBA school in Bangalore with excellent faculty, pedagogy and placement records. ISME is accredited by National Accreditation board for education and training (NABET), Ministry of industries and commerce, government of India. It follows an international model of MBA and is committed towards delivering quality in education and. Our MBA courses are for duration of 1.5 years and include corporate training (internship) for four months.

For more details on admissions, placement and faculty profile please follow the link below,

You can contact us at or reach us at +918065606200/6300.

18 October 2012, 11:45  



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 Thanks for the Info.

Can you tell me the important companies that comes to the campus and where students have done their internship?

18 October 2012, 12:37  

Aditya Sina


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 ISME courses are not AICTE approved!!

18 October 2012, 14:05  



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 ISME  organises on and off campus recruiting events where companies are invited to participate and discuss various career opportunities in their organisation.Our students are doing their internships with company like L&T,Yahoo!,Ikya and so on. Students have been placed with top MNC's like AC Neilson,Ernst and Young, Unilever,IMRB, Dell, Tesco, Flipcart, IBM and so on. ISME has achieved 100% placement record since the very beginning.


18 October 2012, 14:11  



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 Hi Aditya,

ISME is in the process of obtaining accreditation by AICTE and our institute will soon be AICTE approved.

19 October 2012, 11:57  



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Hi anonymous fellow!

I suggest  do a complete analysis and research about the college and only then apply for it.

Sometimes colleges might appear in rankings, but you need to find out which courses have been accredited or valued in ranking,

Many colleges have more than one MBA programs, out of which only 1 will be AICTE approved, or more valuable than the other.

 Besides, if a college does not have AICTe approval, you can not wait for it and play with your career and besides, MBA is not a cheap course.

This being said, a lot will be in your hands to make a credible career out of your own sincerity and efforts.

19 October 2012, 14:52  



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 Hello there,

I second your opinion and agree with the fact that every student must do his research on which college fits his requirements and career aspirations.

Having said that, I would like to emphasise that ISME,a relatively new insitute, has scaled up at a fast pace. The major reason being its illustrious faculty profile and to some extent also its location.

  1. ISME's faculty consisits of eminent proffessinals who have degrees from top universities like CMU,Wharton,Purdue,Texas A&M and IIM's.
  2. ISME is a part of NVT group.NVT Group of companies is a professional certification,training and consulting service organisation based in bangalore and having offices throughout India and USA.Through NVT's  Industry connections and conducting a number of management programs for the corporate we actually know what is the industry requirement. Thus the curriculam of the institute is very practical and up to date and is also designed by taking inputs from the experts of top universities.
  3. ISME has good placement record, this in itself is a validation of its outstanding acadaemics and qualiity of our product. 
  4. Top MNC's are located around ISME campus and most of these companies come to ISME and pick up some of our the best talents.

I have pointed out only a few points if you need detailed info please dont hesitate to write to your queries will be answered within 2 working days.

So good luck and hope u make the right choice.:)


21 October 2012, 20:48  

shwetha jain

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 Is the course 1.5 yrs+4 mnths internsip?so it is 2 yrs know?

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