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06 November 2014, 14:14   Report Abuse


Management trainee

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In India presently Master in Business Administration is the most desired course. Today plethora of options are available and among them MBA is highly desirable. The main reason why it is popular is the opportunities that are available in M.B.A   not only in terms of education but also job opportunities. M.B.A is the course where students get lucrative opportunities to prove themselves because MBA is totally not based on theory it also include practical knowledge. Students are not only given theoretical knowledge, they also get practical training where they apply their theoretical knowledge.

MBA requires lot of preparation, before enrolling in any reputed colleges an MBA aspirant should prepare himself. If one wants to take admission in a reputed college, he or she needs to have an overall good personality, good knowledge and strong communication skills. Apart from this one needs to think out of the box and should be able to work in team or group. As MBA degree is gaining its popularity, MBA colleges are also increasing. It is a tough job to choose the right college. A student should always take into consideration certain factors before they apply in any good colleges, which include the infrastructure, quality of education, faculties, placements etc. One can also contact with the alumni with the college to take feedback of the college. Now a days with the advent of modern technology one can also complete their MBA online. They can get study materials or even they can interact with their faculties online as well as can solve case studies as well as they can also work on live projects. Today a lot of MBA institutes have started online education where by using technology lectures are provided by experienced faculties to the students across the country. This is beneficial for the working professionals because they can complete their MBA degree online.

This latest trend of MBA has increased its demand. Thus it is attracting huge number of students who want to pursue MBA and the main reason behind MBA is to get lucrative job offers in future.

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16 January 2015, 18:12  


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Hey. To begin with, I spent my last 5 years in a travel agency and was the marketing head there. I feel that at this point I must take up an MBA course and I am planning to quit my job soon (so that I could focus better on the study part and crack those exams). 5 years of a desk job where in all I came across were different places so I would like to do an MBA from a college which offers various trips, field visits and exchange programs. I know that it’s a long shot but are there colleges like these?

16 January 2015, 18:17  



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You might want to choose an exchange program. Exchange program is when you get to visit in a foreign land university which is under the tie up of your university back home and you get to study there and explore their culture simultaneously. That’s how you meet new people, new culture and mold your personality simultaneously. Whereas in field trips you will be there for a short period of time and with your college so you may not be able to  get the ‘Complete experience’

16 January 2015, 18:19  



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This is a very unusual question and sounds really interesting. Being an Education Consultant, these questions do keep popping in front of me and hence would like to share the information I have on my plate. Let’s deal with the Exchange program first. Though it is for a couple of months, it can really turn out to be life changing. These programs are really effective, not just from your personality development perspective, but also for the CV! When you start working, you are much more alert and aware about things which are going around. Now, there are a few colleges which take a selected few for the exchange program. But, at the same time, there are colleges which provide with such a structure for the entire batch itself. You might even want to consider that!

16 January 2015, 18:20  


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Really? I was not aware that there are structured programs itself!

16 January 2015, 18:21  



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Almost 90% of the GOOD MBA colleges provide with an Exchange program. So that way, you have many options to select from. But for the latter, you have just handful colleges. There is S P Jain School of Global Management which provides this and even XLRI. XLRI is a new player on the global circuit where as S P Jain is old and well known. The curriculum is designed in such a way that you get to spend every semester in a different city. It covers Dubai, Singapore and Australia, all the 3 being strong business centers! Visit their website to get a clearer picture!

16 January 2015, 18:22  


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That was quite helpful. Thank you for your suggestions! This has definitely made my day!

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