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  When at work you are expected to remain somber and humorless. It is said that if you have to choose one characteristic to get you through life, choose a sense humor. Humor adds a sense of positivity in a negative environment. When you laugh, it indicates you are happy and when you are happy, not only your productivity aggrandizes but you are also left with a satisfied employee.


Humor can help in employee retention. When stress levels are booming and the ability to solve a problem seems to diminish, humor acts an effective tool. It aids oneself to recline and start afresh. Working under stress can blemish the outcome hence it is required that you first pacify, attain stability and then try to achieve. Humor is the ingredient that can result into a successful recipe.


Humor also alleviates the degree of bonding between the employees and their organization. You feel connected to the workplace because humor provides with a sense of comfort. It highlights your creative intelligence and the ability to make others happy in an environment where it is utmost important.


But humor can also backfire if used a lot and against one particular individual. Not every one can handle humor even if it meant passing the wittiest remark. Humor basically portrays truth and not every individual has the capability to accept their flaws. Hence you should when to use it and how to use without saddening your co-employee.


Humor translates positive emotions. How can a positive emotion not add to ascendancy? It either shows that you are ecstatic or on the pathway to attain contentment.


Here is a list of corporate terms that may amuse you: (source-internet)

Join our fast paced company = we have no time to train you

Casual work atmosphere = we don’t pay you enough to expect you’ll to dress nicely

Some overtime required = sometime each night and sometime each weekend

Apply-in-person = If you are old, fat or ugly you’ll be told the position has been filled.


-Arti Bakshi

"Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional 




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