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04 January 2018, 17:29   Report Abuse

Audrey Blair

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It’s not about being acceptable or not, rather it depends on the situations and learning preferences of the student. Agreeably, text marking has a number of benefits and is advised for the students to adopt the technique, especially when it comes to the courses in college and university degree programs. And students tend to use different text marking techniques as per their learning capacity and convenience.

So what exactly does multicolor systems does at the time of marking the text in the textbook, or a coursework piece acquired from proficient custom assignment writers catering your semesterly obligations.

Students normally say that they use more than one colors in order to differentiate main ideas, supporting content, facts and figures, jargons, phrases, etc. from each other. However, there is also a high chance that the use of mixed colors in highlighting or underlining the text can seriously affect your comprehension. Remember, this is not a school class where the teacher used to instruct us to identify nouns, proverbs, adjectives, verbs, etc. in a sentence or paragraph. Agreeably, the courses in college degree programs contains a plethora of textual elements that require the students to mark the important for later review and exam preparation sessions, however, the highlighting or underlining the text should be used intelligently as not affect your reading session and understanding of the subject material.

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