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04 December 2014, 15:55   Report Abuse

Parul Mishra

Educational Counselor

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This question has certainly crossed the minds of everyone who has taken the CAT Exam and of those who are willing to take it.Getting an MBA is a costly affair. A two year program could set a big dent in your bank account and might leave you with a debt for a long time after you’ve left campus. A typical MBA program in India could cost about 8-10 lakhs which is a big sum of money and this creates the dilemma- is it truly worth it?
Well, to answer that in honesty- it depends on your situation and why do you need an MBA?Let's start the discussion here...

03 April 2015, 12:11  


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I have graduated with a BBA degree (2013) and was placed through campus recruitments. However after working for so long in the organization I am not getting the desired appraisal. I am looking out for other job opportunities as well but again i am not very happy with the package offered to me. Does qualification play a vital role in salary packages? In this MBA frenzy era is that the only way for me to get attractive packages?

03 April 2015, 14:52  



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Many students pursuing an MBA or hoping to pursue an MBA question if the degree will have a direct impact on their salary packages. For any MBA student it is very critical to weigh the pros and cons of the program and asses the value of the degree. It is also important for students to understand that the value of an MBA degree and its link to salary is affected by a number of different factors, all of which will affect of an individual’s MBA in different ways.

03 April 2015, 15:18  



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Yes an MBA will definitely add value to your career but getting an attractive package should not be your motive to join an MBA. If your motive is just to get a higher pay package then there are other ways to get that. An MBA degree will help you build your career. Don’t mistake an MBA degree as a sure shot way for a higher pay package.

03 April 2015, 15:41  



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Take a look at this harsh reality!

03 April 2015, 16:09  



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An eye opener! That’s why it is very important that you don’t do an MBA from any random college. See to it that you go to a credible college. I understand ROI is an important factor. But don’t do an MBA just for placements. That wont do you any good.

04 April 2015, 12:58  

Mohammed Sameer


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is MBA & PGDM  have same?



15 June 2015, 12:01  


[ Scorecard : 26]

I agree with you . really reputed college plays an important role in your career. if You have done MBA from reputed MBA college so you  can get more chances to gettting high salary job opportunties in India.

Event Management Institute 

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