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21 August 2017, 15:26   Report Abuse


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KBS Training Institute is a leading Online Training provider of certification training solutions for experts all over the world. KBS Training Institute offer personalized, engaging and interactive learning experience for professionals across sectors to assist them clear the certification exams of their choice rapidly and easily. Our online learning gateway uses a highly advanced, analytics-driven technology platform to deliver courses that are highly personalized, adapt to your learning needs and constantly provide feedback to help you achieve your objectives. KBS Training Institute is conducted IOT Online Training all over the globe.

 Course Descriptttion

The IOT course will help you gain adequate knowledge on the Internet of Things. You will be able to understand the potential of the Internet of Things for our society, in terms of impact on the lives of billions of people and on the world economy.

You will also understand the underlying technology that powers the Internet of Things, as well as the challenges that comes with such technologies. We will explore many real-life examples of IoT devices that are commercially available, and you will have a glimpse of the future of the Internet of Things.

27 October 2017, 16:02  


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Thanks for the published topic! I am sure that everyone will be inyterested to participate in such a training !

02 February 2018, 15:34  

Wade Wilson

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05 December 2018, 15:37  

pikachu chu

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