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India is a land of traditions, cultures and festivals and has been an attraction point from the ages. But when it comes to talents, India is considered to be one of the power-house. Over the past centuries, the entire world has witnessed millions of talents from India, who has changed the age-old ways of thinking and has brought in many revolutions.


Be it in the IT sector or Science & Technology, Management, Medical, Innovations, Literature, or any other field, India has always provided plenty of Gurus to the entire world. ‘Economic Times’ has listed some of the extra-ordinary talents of Indian origin, whom the world considers as gurus.


1. Soumitra Dutta

Author, Professor, Consultant


Dutta is a storehouse of talents. Starting from being an academic topper to sit at the top rank of renowned institutions, Dutta has achieved all the milestones. He has also been of the best-selling authors.


He has been the dean of the External Relations at the INSEAD, France for more than twenty years and is also the founder of the eLab at the same B-institute. Apart from the INSEAD, he is also the visiting professor of many renowned universities. At present, he is the dean of the ‘Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management’ at Cornell University.


2. Vijay Govindarajan

Professor, Business Thinker, Writer


Vijay Govindarajan is considered as one of the leading and the best business thinkers around the globe. His expertise in strategy and innovation are widely accepted as of the finest qualities in the world.


When it comes to the list of his glory, the list gets flooded with all kinds of pioneering moves and skilled thoughts. He has been the Chief Innovation Consultant at General Electric. He was also ranked as the third best business thinker in the list of World’s Most Influential Thinkers.


He has also authored many books on business. Most of his books are considered as the guide to all the newcomers of business managements.


3. Bala Balachandran

Professor, Founder, Strategy Advisor

Bala Balachandran is a native of Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. He completed his master’s degree in Applied Statistics from Annamalai University as well as in Engineering from University of Dayton. He also holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. After completing MBA, he continued with his PhD in Industrial Administration.

Since he became a graduate, he started teaching and continued with it till 1967. He joined the Kellogg School of Management in 1973 and worked there till 1983. He is also the founder and the dean of the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

4. Dipak C Jain

Professor, Researcher, Consultant

Born in Tejpur, a small town in Assam, Dipak completed his education in Assam. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Darrang College, he completed his master’s degree from Gauhati University and later moved to U.S. and completed his PhD in marketing.

Before moving to the U.S., Dipak worked as a Professor at the Gauhati University for five years. He was also dean of INSEAD until he resigned in March 2013 due to bad health. Since 1987, he was associated with the Kellogg School of Management and has been a visiting professor at the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration.


5. Sunil Kumar

Professor, Researcher

Sunil Kumar completed his B.E from Mangalore University and did his M.E in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. De did his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Kumar is vivid researcher and done scores of research on communication networks, performance evaluation of manufacturing system and many more. Sunil’s simulator, ‘Littlefield Technologies’ has been used by more than fifty prestigious business and engineering colleges.

At present, he is the dean of the Booth School of Business, Chicago, U.S. He joined this business institute in 2011 and is still the dean of the same.

6. Krishna G Palepu

Professor, Adviser, Researcher

Krishna G Palepu completed his education from the various parts in India. He completed his master’s from Andhra University and upon the completion of this; he went to Kolkata to complete his Post Graduation from IIM, Calcutta. He also holds a doctorate in Management from MIT and was honored with a Doctorate from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Corporate governance and disclosure, emerging markets and the strategies to change the market has been the fundamental topics for his research. He is serving the Harvard Business School as the Senior Associate Dean and is the Ross Graham Walker professor of business administration in the same.


7. Amartya Sen

Economist, Writer, Professor, Philosopher

Amartya Sen is the mostly recognized Indian Economist, who was awarded with the Nobel Memorial Prize for his outstanding and incomparable contributions towards Economic Science. He has also been recognized as one of the Influential Persons in the World. He was also awarded with the ‘National Humanities Medal’ in 2012.

He is related to some of the most prestigious colleges around the globe; Harvard University, Trinity College, Cambridge University, Oxbridge College and many more. He is also a vivid researcher and writer whose books have been has been translated into more than thirty languages so far.

8. Nitin Nohria

Business Leader, Professor

Nitin was born to a business oriented family in Mumbai; his father was one of the former Chairman of Crompton Greaves. Prior to earning a B.E degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Bombay, he did his graduation from St. Columbia’s School, New Delhi. He completed his PhD from MIT.

He got appointed as the dean of the Harvard Business School in May 2010 and is still the head of the authority. He is one of the very few persons, who became the dean of the Harvard Business School and were born outside the U.S.


9. Mohanbir Sawhney

Author, Professor, Consultant

Born in 1963 in West Bengal, Mohanbir Sawhney did his engineering in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Delhi and upon completion of engineering; he pursued his MBA from IIM, Calcutta. He did his PhD in Marketing from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

He is one of the favorite writers for the business aspirants and has authored many books. He is an advisor to more than twenty-five companies and is a management consultant. He is also one of the influential professors at Northwestern University.

10. Tarun Khanna

Author, Economist, Professor

Tarun Khanna is a multi talented leader who has excelled in fields related to Economy, Emerging Markets, International Business Strategy and many more.

He completed his engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1988 from Princeton University. Later, in 1993, he completed his PhD in Business Economics from the Harvard Business School. He is also the director of the Harvard University.

Tarun has authored many books; his most notable book was ‘Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours’, released in 2008.


11. Ram Charan

Business consultant, Speaker, Writer

Ram Charan is the person behind the business consulting firm, ‘Charan Associates’. He is considered as one of the most successful business consultant of Indian origin, in the U.S.

The list of his clients comprises some of the most influential names of the corporate world; GE, Bank of America, Jaypee Associates, Praxair and many more. He has also authored many books and most of them have been highly appreciated.

He completed his MBA as well as PhD from the Harvard Business School in 1978. He has been related to the Harvard Business School, the Kellogg School of Management and the Boston University.

12. Nirmalya Kumar

Professor, Marketing Guru

After completing graduation from the Calcutta University in 1980, Kumar did his master’s from the Shivaji University. Upon the completion of his master’s, he went to Illinois and completed his MBA from the Illinois University in 1986. He completed his PhD in Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management.

He is a professor at the Aditya Birla India Centre at London Business School. He has also been the faculty of the Harvard Business School, International Institute for Management Development and Kellogg School of Management.





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24 September 2018, 23:47  

Eddie Morin

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david paul

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13 February 2019, 02:05  

david paul

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