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22 September 2008, 12:20   Report Abuse



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1) IIMs are nowhere near the world's top MBA programs as per any reputed Business magazine ranking. This is contrary to the hyperbole that IIMs are actually better than Harvard, when it nowhere ranks near even an average US B School. The justifications given are the EIU rankings(which famously ranks IESE B School at rank 3) which has ranked IIMA in rank 92(link) and the Wall Street Journal which a long time back ranked IIMB in rank 50-100 and subsequently never ranked it. The latest Times World rankings give the IIMs no place in their rankings for social sciences and humanities and neither does the reputed Financial times World MBA rankings (link).
As for IIMA inspite of 40-50 years headstart which seems long enough to establish itself, it is yet to make even a scratch in the global arena. As for the other IIM's, the lesser said, the better.

2) IIMs Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikode continue to exist under the shadow of the older IIMs. They have had lots of teething issues. Link Their attempts at not participating in any Indian rankings show that they dont like their present low place in the B School rankings in India. Instead they prefer to rest with the claim that they are better than the Harvard and Whartons of the world.

3) IIMA routinely proclaims in its banners that it is the best B School in Asia. But there isnt any evidence to support this . No rankings in the past few years, whether Asian or worldwide has figured IIMA at the top. There are too many Chinese and Singapore colleges ranked above it whether it is the Asia Inc or the Financial Times or the EIU rankings.

1) IIM's excepting IIMA are full of professors who are from average backgrounds - have a look at their website bios. A pity that they expect a sort of excellence from their students which they themselves could not attain their lives. 2) Research in IIMs and IITs isnt much. Whatever miniscule management research is done in India has a 75% contribution from IIMA. What a pity from the much vaunted IIM's?. Source IIMA and IIMB make a few case studies every year which very few outsiders refers to. Regarding the other IIMs there is nothing to say.
3) There is an extreme emphasis on grades received in IIMs. The end result is that the experience becomes no better than the typical undergraduate experience at IIT with the unifocal rush for grades. A nightmarish experience to every student in the first year. There is very little emphasis on anything else. Grades define three fourth of an Indian MBA experience.

4) Even though 2 in 3 prospective applicant in an IIM interview wants to become an entrepreneur, why is it that by the time they finish an MBA, no one wants to try it? This is specially true in IIMB and C where not a single person did so in 2007. IIMA is the only institute where atleast 10 opted out of placements for this reason. In a way IIM programs and most Indian MBA programs choke whatever little enthusiasm a person has. Link: Why are so few entrepreneurs coming out of the IIM's?

IIMs have no flexibility in terms of dropping years midway like say Wharton or Stanford for budding entrepreneurs to do what they really want. Entrepreneurship happens because of the students and inspite of the system. An exception is IIMA which has a proposal for students to come back for placements after two years.

5) IIMs charge upto 5-6 lakhs for an MBA program compared to 3 lakhs for an IIT. One really wonders where the 50 crores of the government per IIM goes as there is no expenditure on research or technical machines or infrastructure. Even faculty pay packets and student scholarships are low.

6)For students, to get a bank loan above 3 Lakhs is immensely difficult irrespective of what banks want us to believe. Even below 3 Lakhs, residence and property documents have to be submitted unless of course one knows a bank manager well. Above 3 lakhs, one has to show property for 1.3 times the loan taken and countless guarantees and Life insurance documents. Banks in India just dont believe students. Cant blame them as years back an SBI bank manager in Bangalore reported that IIMB students form the largest group of defaulters among SBI branches (link). But anyway if a poor person wants to join a top IIM, no bank will help and chances are he/she will not be able to join. No bank waives conditions exclusively for IIM graduates as they want us to believe.

7) Another point which the Indian media never considered ( and which only Mukesh Ambani thought of) was that if the IIM's get students overseas to pay 6 times the fees paid by domestic Indians, why wouldn't the IIM's focus completely on the overseas market and shut down the Indian institutes? Even if they are forced to be here, the quality of education for Indian students would quickly become bad, assuming that the laws of economics work.
And did IIMB think that Singapore citizens would take up the IIMB campus passing over U Chicago and INSEAD ( assuming IIMs dont charge abysymally lower fees). Whatever feasibility study was done has to be looked over again.

29 September 2008, 15:56  



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you missed one thing and that is baised indian management institute ,Especially IIMs who think That that only Engineers have the birth right to b in top slot for ever ,those engineers who come from only IITs  which exept IIT-K  have no global recoganition not atleast in top 200 forget 100.

According to one report IIM C alone use to give Lehman Bros. 12 Graduates Every Year leave the rest and see What happened to the some will argue that r only IIM students have sole responsibility of This disasterous end of the Great 138 year old Lehman Bros., then I would ask u when it comes to take credit or when it comes to take high pay packages.

i wan't to ask one question to both IIT and IIMs graduates that u enjoy top slot in ur respective fields and nearly 4-5 decades have passed since ur inception what U have given to this country ,





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