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PGP Admission Policy 2017


This document summarizes the approach of IIM Udaipur to prepare the admission list for its 7th PGP Batch (2017-19). The batch size is likely to be around 240. IIM Udaipur reserves the right to modify any part of this document including the various criteria and cut offs mentioned at any time till the actual admission process for the batch is completed.


The admission process of IIM Udaipur consists of:


(a) CAT Examination


(b) Short listing candidates for Personal Appearance (PA) process.


(c) Conducting the PA process. PA process is composed of Written Analysis (WA) and Personal Interview (PI). The PA process will be common to all the 9 IIMs, namely, IIM Amritsar, IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Trichy and IIM Udaipur.


(d) Preparing the Merit List based on CAT score, PI & WA score and Profile score as indicated in following tables.


1. Criteria for Short listing for PA (WA & PI) process


The cut-off percentile marks for eligibility for PA process in the three sections and the total CAT percentile for different categories of students are given below.


Verbal and Reading Comprehension Percentile Rank Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Percentile Rank Quantitative Aptitude Percentile Rank Overall Percentile Rank
60 60 60 75
50 50 50 65
50 50 50 65
72 72 72 81
80 80 80 90


IIM Udaipur Admission Committee will decide the number of candidates who would be called for PA process on the basis of criteria prepared for each category. However, if the actual number of short-listed candidates were found to be less (more) than the required number of candidates to be called for WA & PI category-wise, then the overall as well as section-wise minimum score would be reduced (increased) to get the desired number of candidates.


The 9 IIMs (IIM Amritsar, IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Trichy and IIM Udaipur) have decided to adopt a common process of WA&PI to be coordinated this year by IIM Rohtak. In case any of the older IIMs (Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore,Kozhikode, and Lucknow) are willing to share their WA & PI score with the 9 IIMs, the common candidates who have applied to new IIMs, need not to appear for WA & PI process separately, else they have to appear. The common candidates will be intimated the names of older IIMs sharing WA & PI scores with new IIMs.


2. Criteria for Preparing the Merit List


The criteria for preparing the merit list will be as follows


  • CAT Score*: 55 %
  • Personal Appearance (WA & PI): 21%
  • Profile: 24%


*CAT Score of the candidate divided by Maximum CAT Score among candidates who have applied to IIMU and attended WA & PI. It is clarified that the CAT Score would be used and not the CAT Percentile.


a. CAT Score: IIM Udaipur will use CAT 2016 score

b. Personal Appearance: IIM Udaipur will consider the following weights

  • Written Analysis : 6%
  • Personal Interview : 15%


Candidates who do not obtain certain minimum scores in the WA & PI would not be considered for the merit list. The minimum scores would be decided by IIM Udaipur at its discretion.


c. Profile: The following will be the breakup of the 24% component for Profile.

  • Academic Profile: 8 %
  • Work experience: 6 %
  • Diversity : 10 %


i. For Academic Profile, following will be the weights
10th Standard : 2%
12th Standard : 2%
Under Graduation : 4%


The following would be the basis for scoring candidates in respect of their academic profiles.

Range Of Marks For 10th class For 12th Class For Under Graduation
<= 60 0.2 0.2 0.4
60.01 to 64 0.4 0.4 0.8
64.01 to 68 0.6 0.6 1.2
68.01 to 72 0.8 0.8 1.6
72.01 to 76 1.0 1.0 2.0
76.01 to 80 1.2 1.2 2.4
80.01 to 84 1.4 1.4 2.8
84.01 to 88 1.6 1.6 3.2
88.01 to 92 1.8 1.8 3.6
92.01 >= 2.0 2.0 4.0


ii. For Work Experience following will be the basis for scoring candidates:

Months 6 or Less 7-12 13-24 25-36 37-48 49-60 60 or more
Score 0 2 4 6 3 3 0

* Only completed months will be considered 


iii. Diversity:

Gender Score
Male 0
Female 5


The following academic disciplines are eligible for score for diversity factors


Sl. No.
Academic Disciplines = 5, Else 0
1 Arts/Humanities: Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Languages, Liberal arts, Law, Library and Information Science, Mass Communication and Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Performing Arts (Dance/Drama/Theatre), Literature, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Social Work, Statistics, etc.
2 Commerce: Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Costs & Works Accountancy, etc.
3 Science Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Zoology, etc.
4 Others: Medicine, Pharmacy, and Management, etc.


3. Reservations


The Government of India's reservation policy, as given below, will be applied:


Category % Reservation
Schedule Caste
Schedule Tribe
OBC - Non Creamy Layer


4. Offer Acceptance Fee and Withdrawal


A candidate receiving admission offer from IIM Udaipur and accepting the offer within the stipulated date needs to send along with Offer Acceptance an Offer Acceptance Amount of Rs.50,000/-. If a candidate subsequently wishes to withdraw the offer within the withdrawal date specified in the Offer Letter, Offer Acceptance Amount will be refunded after deducting Rs.1,000 as processing charges. If a candidate applies for withdrawal after the date specified in the Offer Acceptance, no refund will be admissible. If a candidate registers for the program, his/her Offer Acceptance Amount will be adjusted against Term I Fee. In the event of withdrawal from the Program after registration, NO refund of Offer Acceptance Amount or Term Fee will be made.

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