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Janice Chung

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Highlighting during your reading session is perhaps the most effective way of marking the text in the textbook, or even a writing piece acquired from a custom assignment help service. One of the best benefit it provides is that it takes only a fraction of time, hence, encouraging the students to avail it.


The trick is to drag the highlighter from left to write, this should help you to highlight the important information and reread without stopping your reading flow. The rereading helps the student to cement his or her understanding of the topic as well as improve the retention capacity. On the other hand, if you do the same exercise in a reverse process, highlighting backwards, then you be able to reread in a fluent manner. Also take care of the fact that the color you use should not force your eyes to stress in the content for repetitive reading sessions, therefore, lighter shades could go well.


When it comes to locating important information, try to catch purposeful and powerful phrases instead of marking the mere keywords. Either a portion of the phrase, sentence, and the whole paragraph could be marked, or even the student could create his or her own strong phrases though association a couple of or more keywords together.

14 March 2018, 02:10  


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Thanks for the topic, I really liked your stuff. More information here.


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