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Reset the Printer

Make sure the printer is inactive before proceeding. Unplug the power cord from the back when the device is switched on. Disconnect from the power outlet the same thing. Wait a minimum of 1 minute.

The power cord is reconnected to the power socket. Re-plug the power cord to your printer’s back.

To do so, press the power button if it does not switch on. Retry taking the printout once it turns on. If you can't, proceed to the next step.

Remove your printer and reinstall it:

Right-click the devices and printers printer and select "Remove device." Now add the printer again by selecting the Devices and Printers Add a Printer option.

This is some of the ways you can try to bring your Hp printer offline online. If you are still unable to do so then you can reach our technical support team to assist you to solve your problem.


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