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21 March 2011, 08:22   Report Abuse

Alen Kitt


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Your score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) will help determine your acceptance into a graduate program. To get your best score on the GMAT you will have to study and prepare for the exam. A good study guide will help you along the way.


  1. Consider your personal learning style as you shop for a GMAT study guide. If you learn more reading a text book than in the classroom then a traditional printed and bound study guide will be the right match for you. But, if you are an auditory or visual learner then you may benefit more from the lectures and animations provided in electronic study guides found online or on compact disc.
  2. Evaluate your study time line. If you have ample time to study before your GMAT test day then a more detailed or slower paced guide will work fine for you. However, if you only have a short time to get your studying in, then elect for a study guide that focuses on the main GMAT concepts and offers tips and tricks for time management.
  3. Compare study guides in a hands-on environment. Use your local library or bookstore to find several GMAT study guides and flip through them. Pick the guide that is written in a way that is easiest for you to follow. If you prefer online study guides, sign up for a trial period first.
  4. Select a GMAT study guide that offers at least one practice test. A sample test included on a CD will give you the added benefit of practicing under timed conditions.
  5. Use 2 study guides. You may find that you like features offered in 2 different guides. Get them both!

26 March 2011, 16:42  

Sonali Sha


[ Scorecard : 1668]

 good to read!

but i wonder is GMAT more difficult than CAT?

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