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09 August 2016, 17:54  


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Fixed deposit is one of the best investment due to levied higher interest rate and low risk. Interest rate on FD is fixed over maturity period and it's usually considered as safest investment. The Interest rate varies bank to bank and also depend on maturity period. Normally banks or NBFCs calculate interest on a quarterly basis. If you want to determine the earned interest on fixed deposit you can try for some maths formula,



A- Maturity amount

P - Principal Amount

R - Rate of interest

N - Number of times the interest is compounded per year

T - Number of year

But it seems like brain storming session. Nowadays, many banks or NBFCs are providing online fixed deposit calculator which can be helpful for you to calculate earned interest on FD effortlessly. Try out Bajaj Finserv online FD calculator to find out your maturity amount:

29 August 2016, 17:18  


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