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26 July 2016, 08:50   Report Abuse


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Can anybody suggest that how does the online loan calculators work?

26 July 2016, 11:28  


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A loan calculator helps to calculate the exact EMI amount that you need to pay every month. EMI comprises of the principal and interest part of the loan that you need to pay to your lender every month to repay your loan. So, you need to check how much you can divert from your salary to pay your loan. You can calculate this amount with the help of a formula. If you know the principal amount, tenure and the rate of interest of the loan, you can easily calculate the EMI amount. But to further ease this process, lenders have introduced several types of loan calculators in their websites like Home Loan EMI Calculator, Personal Loan EMI Calculator, FD Calculator,etc. 

09 January 2017, 11:09  


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If you want to know the exact EMI on your loan, EMI calculator is of great help. Your EMI includes principal and interest on the loan that you need to pay to your lender/creditor. For this purpose proper planning is must in the sense, how much you can divert from your salary to  pay your loan.  This is to be calculated on the basis of formula. If principal amount, tenure and rate of the interest of the loan is known to you, then you can easily calculate the EMI amount. To make the process more easy , lenders have introduced different types of calculators on their websites like Personal loan EMI Calculator, Bike loan EMI calculator, Car loan EMI  calculator, Personal loan EMI calculator etc.  

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