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10 June 2017, 12:10   Report Abuse


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This might be controversial but in my experience you don't. You make money with your skills.

It is like asking how do I make money with a camera. It is not the canera that is making the money. It is the photographer.

If you are a good designer you can definitely make money with a 3D printer (it does not even have to belong to you as there are cost effective printing services). If you use it to make something you can sell, or prototype a product etc...

The only way to just make money by "having" a printer is by printing for other people. That is not adding any real value though. 3D printers are plentiful now and pricing is competitive.  By adding value: i.e. Designing you can make money. 3d printing service mumbai pune - fdm technology

Also don't get me wrong. 3D printers are amazing. I own several. I have designed and built them as well. Even just as a hobby it is amazing how much you might learn. Just make sure you don't see it as a gold mine. 

26 November 2017, 15:53  


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You should consider the Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Investments to make money. Its new and people are loving it

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