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13 October 2016, 17:11   Report Abuse


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Sigh..! Just got over with IPMX Term1… the experience?…. (let me catch my breath)…. I feel like a boxer, bleeding but still breathing..let me try to summarise the first leg of this extraordinary ride..

Having realised that going back to studies after years of experience was never easy, for me, getting back to school and that too into an IIM was still a dream come true and a great moment to be. More was attending the first lecture of the first term, hoping to make it big by the time we attend the last one.

Round 1: The first crack to the fancies came as we entered the second week and in came the dreaded Management Accounting with its customary surprise quizzes. Then came Statistics, Operations Research, Economics, and Marketing giving one blow after the other. I got up and got pounded again, like an overwhelmed underdog facing a pro’s heat. I thought I could read again, and I surely could, but this was more than that. Patience, stamina, ardour and perseverance were needed to stay afloat, and I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover some of them in me, though, the hard way  ;

Round 2: As if life was still good, each of the subjects came with its own assault of periodic quizzes and final projects, inevitably inviting late night teas and early morning sleep. Gone were the days when we use to wait for the weekends to top-up the week’s 35 hours of sleep. Anything beyond 20 hours started seeming like a luxury, with occasional power-naps chipping in whenever possible, sometimes even during the class!! Time had earned my greatest respect, made me realise that it’s not just worth “Money” but “Sleep” as well. Another thing that earned my respect was – the Deadline. As is summarised brilliantly by a quote from Douglas Adams “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

Final Round: Then came the Term Exams to take away whatever was left in you. Each testing your adaptability, fortitude, stamina and grit, sucking almost everything you ever thought you possess.

KO: Alas, I felt I was dead, but not to be, I am alive and still kicking, waiting for the next term challenge staring me in the face. Someone told me it’s huge and far more cruel, but in case I forgot to mention; I have started loving every bit of this cruel life…

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19 October 2018, 13:13  

Vinod Saxena

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