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24 October 2018, 15:12   Report Abuse

path thomas

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Digital India was initiated by the Government in the 10-07-2015 in no time after our Country has elected Prime Minister during the elections in 2014. Our Prime Minister visioned to transform our country into a complete Digitalised country. This was initiated to bring the Digital Empowerment in the current Indian Society. The Digital India Programme has the main objective which is to integrate the International and National Leading Companies with all the Departments of the Government.

As a part of the Digital India Programme, all the Government services are made available to all the citizens in India. There are some vision areas in the Digital Programme which are thought by the Narendra Modi when the Digital India was initiated. Those key vision areas are included of the Digital Infrastructure which was planned to be developed throughout the whole country, Good governance by providing online services like Apna CSC Services and by making the possibility of the Digital Literacy throughout the country.

  • Making available of the high-speed internet as a utility to all the Indian People so that they can able to provide the access to all of the Government Services with ease and fast. Digital Infrastructure throughout the country can be provided to all the people lifelong, online and can be able to promote the authenticated Digital Identity to all of the Citizens in the country.
  • As the reach of the Good Governance by the Central government and online services are made available to all the Citizens in less time. This is done through the high demand of the Digitization of the Indian Country. All the digitally made financial transactions such as either cashless or electronic can be an online business through the Digitally transformed Services.
  • Digitally Literacy is only possible through the Digital Empowerment to all the People in India. Also, the universally accessible resources will enable the students, people, to submit their Documents or any certificates online and not physically in the form of original certificates in the school, Colleges, Offices or to any Organisation.

This Digital India Programme has been implemented by India Government to ensure some specific aims of the initiative. One should ensure the Broadband Highways & Universal access to the following media lines. Just the Digital India Programme should be able to make all the information online so that it can be available to more people.

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