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05 October 2015, 18:36  Report Abuse

Hitesh Awtaney

Co-founder of a Career Discovery Platform

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Hi Readers,

One common question that everyone asks is moving: How do I move into finance, what do I do?
I've spent the past 8 months meeting students and interacting with them about their future choices. Then I decided to put things online and group this as below:

1- Core Finance Careers
Profiles like Asset Management, Investment Banking, and others come into this group.
As a student, you need to be extremely good at technical concepts in Finance and Accounting to make a career in any of these. They mostly demand a lot of time commitment and getting in is difficult, but the package is worth it!

2- Banking & Insurance Careers
Some of you might feel this group is boring, but honestly Banking is the main driver of all other services and thus a career in Commercial Banking or Insurance careers like Actuary require you to be very good with numbers, processing and interpreting data. There's an added element of human interaction here which is missing from most core finance roles.

3- General Business Management
This gets very exciting for people from Entrepreneurial backgrounds. It also includes Advisory roles like Auditing, Strategy & Consulting as well as Financial Planning. These careers make sure that your logical ability is strong and you can really think well and structure your thoughts to apply on the job.

So before jumping into any career, do check out what each career is all about and how will you spend time on the job..
Good Luck!


Hitesh Awtaney
Co Founder
Helps you decide which profile to pick after graduation :)


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15 October 2015, 15:43 

Viren Prajapati

[ Scorecard : 22]

Sir i am in second semester in MBA finance and confust to choose which sector in finance 1. Finance Advisor 2. Finance Analyst 3. Treasury 4. Account.


Pls suggest me on


your suggestion would help me very much.

Thanks & Regards

Viren Prajapati


28 October 2015, 16:19 

Hitesh Awtaney

Co-founder of a Career Discovery Platform

[ Scorecard : 35]

Hey Viren,

Thanks for the query.

I'm afraid your choices/options are not the exact "Profiles" that are available in Finance. Let me expand on my above post with some actual Profile names in each category:



Core Finance
These careers are most suited for a Finance major as they demand greater hold on technical abilities and hard-bound analytical skills.

1- Asset Management:
Evaluating portfolios, funds and allocating investments in various products to enhance growth of assets under management

2- Industry Research:
Studying long term trends and overall movement of parameters like Supply, Demand, Prices and Costs for a particular segment (say E-Commerce) to come up with a view of investment of not..

3- Planning & Budgeting:
Being a financial controller in a corporate, helping allocate budgets to various business units and estimating costs/revenues for each of them..

4- Investment Banking:
Advising businesses on strategic movements like acquiring a company, merging with one or even help in fund raising, etc.

5- Risk Management:
Coordinating with traders and operations teams who invest surplus firm money in daily securities. You'll advise on which trades can be passed, how much risk can be assumed, etc.

6- Treasury Management:
Actual trading activity, tracking various markets and taking positions/investing to either hedge current risk or to enhance the return on investments on a large scale. This is the wholesale version of Portfolio Management (done for firms rather than individuals)

Banking & Insurance
Here although you would require a specialized degree for actuarial sciences, Banking options are pretty much open to MBAs.

7- Actuary:
Helping businesses construct insurance products and pricing insurance premium based on calculations in health, life expectancy, asset life, etc.

8- Commercial Banking:
Typically helping corporates with their working capital, loans and other credit-related compliance 

9- Retail Banking:
Addressing individuals with Savings deposits, loans in education and health, cross-selling products in insurance, etc.

10- Insurance Underwriting & Claims:
Approval of insurance policies, evaluating return policies in case of claim filed for the insurance, renewal conditions, etc.

General Management
Here you come in as an expert/adviser and consult the business on your domain. While most of these require a dedicated course, Strategy & Consulting is something an MBA in Finance can easily get into..

11- Accounting:
Crunching numbers, reporting and documenting various accounts to form a view of how well the company is doing

12- Auditing:
Running checks on the numbers and business processes to show that the accounts actually show a fair view of the company

13- Financial Planning:
Unlike the name suggests, helping individual clients in planning their personal life goals by ensuring savings and investments to be available when required

14- Law/Taxation:
Providing legal advice on various compliance changes, scanning legislation, similar cases and staying updated about latest affairs

15- Strategy & Consulting:
Helping firms solve a problem by coming up with solutions for cost reduction, helping to verify and perform independent diligence on investments and market opportunities, etc.

Hope this was more helpful..



Hitesh Awtaney

Co-Founder, Gradopedia

08 November 2015, 19:18 


[ Scorecard : 22]

hello sir this is nandu i am studying ipcc i felt some much difficult in ca so i sh*ted to cs is it advisable and i am  going to do mba finance along with cs so please advise me what shold i do 



    reply me :::

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