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16 February 2016, 15:35   Report Abuse


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 Below are cost and management accounting questions and answers and for more click here

1.   On the receipt of a production order, the shop draws the materials from the store.

(1)  Effective (2)  Requisite (3)  Defective (4)  None of the above

2.   The combined fixed  costs need not to be  met by the combined BEP sales.

(1) True (2) False

3.     The margin of safety =            / P/V ratio.

(1)  Profit (2)  Sales (3)  Value (4)  None of the above

4.    The  grades of the workers required and the labour time for each job, operation and process is determined by which of the following budgets?

(1)  Sales (2)  Materials (3)  Direct labour (4)  Production

5.  Which of the below mentioned responsibilities and duties should a budget manual include?

(1)  Consider recommendations for revision of the budget policies (2)  Receive and review budget estimates from respective divisions (3)  Recommend changes and approval of revised budget (4)  All of  the above

6.     The break-even chart cannot be  called as the cost-volume-profit graph.

(1) True (2) False

7.  The variable costs can be  gauged by the           of incidence of the break-even chart.

(1)  Cost (2)  Valuation (3)  Angle (4)  None of the above

8.     Which one  of the following is not a part of the break-even analysis?

(1)  Short-term planning (2)  Long-term planning (3)  Forecasting (4)  None of the above

9.   The units representing the abnormal process loss are valued like                          units produced.

(1)  Profitable (2)  Good (3)  Unfinished (4)  None of the above

10.  In the process stage, the production is of like  units in a                            flow.

(1)  Discontinuou (2)  Continuous (3)  Functional (4)  None of the above

17 February 2016, 12:31  

Aarav Sharma

[ Scorecard : 41]

Thank you Yun!

13 September 2018, 13:38  

Alex Barr

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16 October 2018, 19:53  


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So are you sure that you are not interested in review, because from whatever weird alphabetic picture that you have posted here, it will not cover that cost of it over there, so yea !

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