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28 August 2010, 09:16   Report Abuse


Audit executive

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 We choose movie to go for in two ways. One, by the word of mouth, what your neighbor are saying after watching it, what friends thinking about the movie. The other is media coverage. But many of us, or say most of us prefer comment from the person who saw it live and known to you. If you can’t find anyone watched the movie, you have to depend on newspaper and TV/ net etc. But there are chances of manipulated result in these two media or the rating given is not on your parameter.

   What is the idea if you get to know what the world is thinking of a particular movie. Some days ago it was not possible. Because there was no such platform where you could find the entire world as well as free to communicate with them.

   But now , there is at least one, twitter. With its powerful and future oriented approach, twitter already giving a worldwide platform to you to express your thought, share your thinking and get reactions from any corner of world , without any pre-requisite for knowing each other.

   Meet FFLICK , the creation of k is Kurt Wilms, Ron Gorodetzky, Dav Zimak, , some of the person who were also behind the creation of big website like Digg, Revision3, Yahoo. Their main aim to filter relevant data and analyse and present in a manner which is just for you, from the vast ocean of social platform.   Continue reading....

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