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23 August 2016, 13:45   Report Abuse

Pracheeti Rahate

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I m CA by qualification, i am working as equity reseach analyst currently and want to do further studies kindly guide me which one is more usefull for career in finance and not particularly in equity research and why?

09 September 2016, 16:12  


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Now we are talking about banking sector stocks. As we know that  India has been engaged in banking sector reforms aimed at increasing the profitability and  capacity of the 27 public-sector banks that controlled approx 90% of all deposits, assets and credit  and get more profitability in equity we want accurate option tips providers. There has been radical and observed transformed in the operational environment of the banking sector. The information technology (IT) revolution is totally changing the way banking business is done and has substantially widened the range of products and services, additionally the demands and expectations of all customers. In other best stock tips for Banking system remains the focal point in the financial set-up of country and more so in the substance of a developing country like India.

17 January 2017, 19:11  


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Though it depends on a lot of things, but I think the MSC program from Jamnalal Bajaj will be a better option.

11 August 2017, 15:25  


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If you just want to upgrade your skills you can go CFA certifications, 

To know about CFA exams visit

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