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08 September 2014, 12:54   Report Abuse



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Scoring well in CAT while working hard at office is not a miracle.

Do not leave your job to ‘concentrate on the preparation’


Let us get to some of the suggestions I have on the actual preparation.

Know what all you need to cover and make a list of them: This should be the common starting point for almost everyone. Do this properly with a lot of research effort put into it.

Prepare checkpoints and achieve them. “By next Friday I will complete solving these two hundred probability problems, complete the Venn-diagrams chapter, solve those five reading comprehensions and learn concepts in linear arrangements so that I can concentrate on geometry and grammar the next week and make myself ready for the mock test next month”, awesome plan this is. You start off with wide check points and make smaller and finer ones as you try to achieve the wider check points.

Measure targets by amount of work, never measure it by time: “I am going to squeeze in 15 hours of preparation time this week”, bad plan this is. Time you spent gets you nowhere, the quantity of learning does. Fix targets in terms of number of problems, number of concepts and number of tests but never in terms of hours to be spent.



While targeting quantity, never forget quality: You already are hiding your screen from your team leader and doing problems, why forget concepts and do them again and again. Make sure you are focused and try to utilize every minute of your preparation to the fullest. In the end you are not going to report your progress to anyone anyway. So, do not rush up in order to meet your weekly targets.

Be prepared to work in sprints. You are not going to get time for a four hour long preparation at one go, be prepared to work in sprints. Half an hour during the lunch break, travel time in your office cab, waking up a little early and burning the mid night oil will give you time ranging anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours, take them and make use of them. Time your sprints, do not make them too short, short sprints of study will have less impact on your memory and they would not give you the feel of whatever you study.

Have a urge to jot down things. Have a notebook which will act as your repository with new shortcuts, common mistakes and focus points you think are important. Recording such things in your voice recorder and hearing them in ear phones as you go to office or as you do some critical task at your office is never a “ye thoda jyada hai” idea.

Whenever you take a planned sick leave, make full use of it.

Do not give up. Never do this, you will see many around you say “let this year go, let us aim for the next year.” Aiming for next year is always there, but no matter what your mock scores suggest, keep trying and keep working.

Time your exam based on preparation, other exam dates or office works.






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08 September 2014, 13:14  


Management trainee

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Candidates who want to sit for any one of the management exam need to complete his graduation from a recognized university. Students who are waiting for their final results can also sit for the exam. MBA courses provide lucrative opportunities , many good colleges provide job opportunities to the candidates once they successfully complete their course. Now there are certain tips that one should keep in mind while preparing for CAT/ MAT exams.


12 May 2015, 23:45  


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That was a very informative post. I am finding it very difficult to balance work and CAT preparation too. So much time is going in commuting to work itself that I have very less time to study. 

This was another informative article I had found on this topics.

Guys, please share other articles which you think are helpful as well.

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