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Harish has been working with XYZ Limited for more than 5 years and during that time has progressed to the current position of Senior Systems Analyst. He is generally pleased with the company and thoroughly enjoys the creative demands of the job.  One Sunday afternoon, in the executive fitness center, while talking to his friend Vishal, a colleague in the networking section, Harish discovered that his department had hired an IIT Graduate as programmer analyst. Harish though jovial, go upset when he learned that the new recruits pay was only Rs. 3000 a month higher than his own. He felt that he was being treated unfairly.  The Following Monday, Harish confronted with Geetha, the HR Manager, and asked her if what he had heard was true. Geetha apologetically admitted that it was and attempted to explain the companys position; "Harish, the market for analysts is very tight and more so if we want qualified people from IIT's, without a premium salary the company cant draw people from the IIT's competing with global majors in the field. We desperately needed another analyst and this was the way we could get one. Harish asked Geetha whether his salary would be adjusted accordingly. Geetha replied: "Your package will be decided at the time of performance review 6 months later. We are also thinking of ESOP this year for those who have put in more than 5 years of service. Long term service awards for people like you are also in the pipeline.  You are doing a great job and I am sure that your immediate boss will recommend a raise. You will not have anything to complain against XYZ Limited after 6 months."  After a few days Harish went again to Geetha to tell her that he is not willing to wait for so long and would like HR to look into an immediate increase in his salary.  Geetha promised to discuss this with HR department and informed him after 3 days that as a Special Case, Management has agreed to increase his salary by Rs. 3000 with immediate effect, but his next review would be one year from now.  Harish was not sure whether this was a good thing or bad. You are his friend in the company. What would you advice him?

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