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17 February 2012, 10:50   Report Abuse



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Hi, I am a cost accountant and a CA finalist  [AGED 22] doing ma 1st yr of articleship. My final exam is due on May-2014.

It is widely said that even if we have two professional courses behind us (CA & CWA) in the beginning our designation will be only asst. manager or deputy mgr. and it will take around 10-15 years for us to reach the positions such as CFO or GM of a comapny.

But on the other hand if i do MBA in Stanford graduate school of business, Harvard business school or IIM  after completing my CA i can become the CEO of a co. in less than 5 years.

Since now i am 22, when i complete my articleship my age will be 25. If i take up MBA after that then till the age of 27 i should be studying (provided i dont fail in any exams). I am very much worried about this age factor sad

Please guide me? Is it worth doing MBA?

17 February 2012, 12:20  

Dr. Anand Wadadekar

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 Dear Dina,


Maturity, competence, expertise comes with age.

MBA does not make you matured and expert, it only tells you how to become that.

CA and CWA are fantastic qualifications and highly respected than any MBA degree.


26 February 2012, 23:45  



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Dina even i had a similar problem, age factor problem, CA exams dete dete kitna umar nikal jaata hain.....

28 February 2012, 12:11  



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Hi DIna PLease do not take MBA schools as production houses, the better the school the better the product!  It does not happen like this

People who are achieving from top B-schools are not average or laid back people. 

TO be a CEO or a leader or any good profssional, you need not only degrees but also competence, caliber, initiativeness, work experience, ability to learn and unlearn, networking, builing ones own personality, etc. 


CEOs are groomed at B-schools , but they can not be completely made at B-schools, Understand this!.


TO answer your query: If you wish to become a CEO, your MBA with Top schools such as HBS,Stanford, along with apt work experience can help.


In India, MBA trend is different where mostly freshers are applying for MBAs, whereas , in abroad, MBA can be done only by people with minimum 3 years work experience!


ALl the best

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