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Rajeev Jain


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In an effort to bridge the Academia-Corporate gap and enhance employability of students,  A2C Skills conducted 2-day, "C2C: Campus 2 Corporate" workshop at Sidhi Vinayak College, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. More such workshops and seminars are required to bridge Industry-Academia gap and help students understand the importance of off-Campus placement.

Some of the topics covered were:
1. Understanding corporate needs and expectations
2. Importance of CoRe (Corporate Readiness) skills
3. How to become corporate ready graduate
4. Importance of Off-Campus placement
5. Available job opportunities for fresher (job options that most of the fresher are not ware off)
6. Skill set and qualification required to apply for these jobs
7. Mock interview sessions
8. Importance of final year project

Mock interview and group discussion session continued till 10.45 pm. Some students showed interest in new job opportunities available for them and took first step to become corporate ready. They also understood what is important in their career and how to make best use of campus placement events.

Thanks to Dr Sehgal and Prof Ajay.

To know more about this workshop, reach us at

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