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18 May 2009, 12:04   Report Abuse

Paramjit Singh Makkar


[ Scorecard : 23]

Hi i've been using busywin software for quite long . Now all of a sudden i get this message saying . 'Cannot Open Company' 'Data has been corrupted

24 May 2009, 10:01  

Member (Account Deleted)


[ Scorecard : 633]

I think in Busi win this problem is quite irretating.

Even i faced this problems and then stopeed using it.

For your reference you may go to helpline of Busiwin or contack to Software engineer.

Pleasse be sure that you not clear your usage of Hard disk by Erazing Hardisk usage.

Your data may be reovered by the recovery software so please visit any software engineer as soon aspoosible.It may charge you to recover data from 250Rs. to 10000Rs. depending on your data and task to perfom to recover it.

31 July 2012, 17:50  

Subhash Aggarwal


[ Scorecard : 22]

Dear Sir,

Busy peoples has snached the users either they are using pirated or guniune software. Your data can be repaired. Don't wory just make a zip file of your data i.e full company comp0001 or like that . email at with your password you are using for opening your company. You will be happy to see your company again.

Though I will charge some money for this service but you will be happy to listen the charges very nominal as compared to your tension.

Subhash Aggarwal

9810634233 Delhi

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