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Tax Consultant

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BPO is the process where one organization assigns its non-core activities to other organizations to get work done at lower cost. Organization may outsource either Customer Support Service or Payroll or Billing or any other activities which may be. Outsourcing cannot be bound under a certain boundary of territory but it can outsourced to any part of the globe. Organization which performs work at lower cost due certain reasons i.e. Low-Cost Labour, Technology and Experience of Work.


Benefits of BPO

Economical: - Work done through BPO is cheaper than work done by the Organization due to Low Labour Cost to the BPO and High Cost to Organization, Set up of BPO organization can be used for so many organization which reduces the cost.


Quality of Work: - Through BPO Organization get work done by specialized personals which results quality work. As BPO organization is working in certain work for so many years therefore it has more knowledge and experience of that work.


24 Hour Service: - Most of the BPO organization provides 24 services to the clients which makes clients more reliable to provide better services to customers.


Concern of Business is on Core Activities: - Business Organization has to concern on its core activities as non-core activities are performed by BPO.


Little Infrastructure: - Organization needs little infrastructure as so many services get outsourced. Organization needs low technologically up gradation and Automation in Information System of Organization.           


23 June 2014, 17:55  



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Once BPO is very good for indain youths.But last 2 year BPO is totally out indian market as i know south india itself arond 5k companys but today very hard to find 100+


26 June 2014, 13:49  


Tax Consultant

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Mr. Saraan this Article is based on what is BPO and how a business organisation gets benefit from BPO.

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