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14 December 2011, 18:21   Report Abuse

Amit Agarwal

Head of Dept.

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If a company having an idle cash then what are the investment oppurtunities are there so that company can earn some short term income for 2 to 3 yrs along with maintaining its liquidity i.e. whenevr requird company can take out the money as per its requirmnt without sacrificng the income or with minimum sacrifice.

Please Advice...



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15 December 2011, 09:45  

Amit Saraogi


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There are couple of options  -

First if you can allocate the funds in 2 parts - Part 1 - One which will expected to be used only after a specified period of time: This fund can be invested in fixed expiry Fixed depsoits or fixed period maturity funds; Part 2- Invest in liquid funds which essentially invest in debt funds.

If you cannot bifurcate the funds in two parts then I believe you can invest the entire sum in liquid funds.

SBI is offering good fixed deposit scheme whereby your FD is only fixed for 7 days. There is no upper limit. Interest rates are also attractive.


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30 January 2012, 16:38  


Free lansing

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If you are planning to make  aproper budgeting, then follow


1. keep track of recod in order to know the expence you are doing

2. Use less credit card.

3. Plan properly before investing


Thank You


Budgeting Tips   |  personal finance budgeting

03 September 2016, 14:45  


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A Commodity Market is a market in which the raw materials humans use to create a livable world. Commodity Market trades in the economic sector rather than manufactured products. equity trading tips is most popular in Intraday service of India but commodity market more biggest there so A commodity market is a physical and a virtual marketplace for buying and selling and trading raw and  primary products. Commodity tips today are divided into two parts-Soft commodities and Hard commodities. Soft Commodities have agricultural products including wheat, coffee, corn, cocoa ,and sugar, whereas Hard commodities include typically natural resources that must be  mined, such as gold , silver, rubber and oil. Commodities are easy to understand and have a  positive correlation with inflation. The Commodity market is global in nature, hence less risk of manipulation.

17 September 2016, 15:16  


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Best Investment strategy in MCX and NCDEX in the Commodities Market, In nowadays everyone wants to earn huge profits through investing maximum money into the commodity market. For getting to Knowabout the market you need to get the best commodity tips provider which is provided by commodit experts.

09 October 2019, 16:14  


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If you are a business student then you should visit this site. Because essayhave gave much information to manage thesis work and new investment plans in the market. You can also learn from here about your profession because there is much knowledge provided by them on this site.

16 October 2019, 22:35  


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I don't invest but I am into sports betting after I discovered so my savings help me to get some income.

28 October 2019, 12:44  


Real estate agent

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One of the best investment strategy is to buy home or a piece of land rather than buying gold or other things because the prices of these things always gets down, but the real estate value always increases. Property for sale in Pune - Search & buy real estate Pune residential property and get details of Pune property prices, offers and discounts


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