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18 July 2011, 12:08   Report Abuse



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There are many people writing, discussing and reading about political corruption but none of them is concerned or eager to know about

why there is corruption in Indian politics?

and how it can be removed?

the analyses of political corruption is the need of the hour today and unless we are not removing the cause of political corruption the effect cannot be removed.

the Constitution of India is sovereign and the Preamble to the Constitution and the Fundamental Rights given in the Part iii of the Constitution has to protected by all the authorities, which is Legislative, Judiciary and the Executive.

the major cause of political corruption is the high Election Expenses and the Election Commission is unable to control these mommoth expenses because neither it is serious in controlling them nor it has developed any machanism to get the varification of these election expenses from the voters of the area.

the Election Commission is also forfieting the Fundamental Democratic Rights of the citizen/ voters.

if it is doing the following acts then the political corruption will be definately removed along with the criminalisation of politics.

 1. allow every voters to send the photo SMS for every misconduct during the elections and then these photo should be downloaded to the web-site of the E.C. immediately before the constituency. let the voters analyse themself who is conducting the immoral and criminal activities in their election. this will surely protect the F.R.( Fundamental Right) of the voters as freedom to the Right of Expression.

2. if any candidate of any political party is convicted during the period of his tenure then the fresh elections should be called for to protect the basic Democratic Right of the citizen of that Constituency to be represented by someone in the Parliament or the Assembly. but next time that particular political party should be derecognised for that particular Constituency because earlier that party has failed to give a non criminal candidate to the citizen of that constituency.

these two steps will bring the drastic revolution to remove the corruption and criminal from politics.   

there are some more steps but the beginning with only these two steps will bring the revolution without any bloodshed.

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18 July 2011, 13:00  

Avinash V Bhavsar

Sr Commercial Officer

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Dear Sir,

Very Nice article,

The Gandhian Social Activits Shri Anna Hajare move the activity against corruption its our responsibility to give support to him, our polition are very corrupt they will be sold our country to other nation for there chair.

Pls shered




Avinash Bhavsar

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23 July 2011, 13:54  

Vikram Kharal


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Yes i agree with Mr Deepak View

23 July 2011, 18:58  



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yes.. media also should play an important role.  the day should come when politicians should  get scared of thinking of corruption.

03 August 2011, 11:23  



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I m completely agree with views of CA RAJ PAUL CHAUHAN It's our biggest duty towards the nation to support Anna Hazare & his Team right now

05 September 2011, 13:40  

Lovenish Bhagat

Compliance Officer

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Today two social workers are fighting with corruption.  Corruption can be end.

We should be support to Baba Ram Dev and Shri Anna Hazare.

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