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26 May 2011, 14:47   Report Abuse

Sumit Jaiswal

CS Trainee

[ Scorecard : 26]

 Hi! I am new to this site.

Please help me to interpret MAT Score. I have very little knowledge of MAT. I just wrote the exam with 6-7 hours of preparation. I don't have MAT bulletin and this is the first time I have appeared for any MBA entrance exam. My result shows my marks as follows:

Language Comprehension  62.38, Percentile Below 87.52

Mathematical Skills 63.61, Percentile Below 91.07

Data Analysis & Sufficiency 62.77, Percentile Below 89

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 57.14, Percentile Below 75.89

Composite Score 718.5, Percentile Below 96.24

Indian & Global Environment 60.31, % Below 83.97


Please help me understand how is the score. Will I get admission into a good B School with this kind of scores. I am thinking of doing MBA to add to my qualification of CS.

27 May 2011, 15:23  

Aditya Sina


[ Scorecard : 3189]

 Hello Sumit,

Percentile is a way of giving scores popularly used for most of the MBA Entrance Exams.

In statistics, a percentile (or centile) is the value of a variable below which a certain percent of observations fall. For example, the 20th percentile is the value (or score) below which 20 percent of the observations may be found. 

If your percentile is lets say, 80%, it means, 80% of the total number of candidates have scored less than you.Or you are above 80% of the canditates for that particular score.

For MAT, a total score of (marks not percentile) 600 and above is good enough to get admission into a good BSchool.

But mostly , the colleges taking MAT score come under Tier-2 , there might be exceptions, of which am not sure.

27 May 2011, 19:31  

Sumit Jaiswal

CS Trainee

[ Scorecard : 26]

Thank you very much for your reply. If possible, can you mention name of some good B Schools where I can apply with these scores.

25 May 2013, 21:29  

Amar kumar


[ Scorecard : 22]

 Language Comprehension  39.73, Percentile Below 13.14 Mathematical Skills 55.79, Percentile Below 79.06 Data Analysis & Sufficiency 64.1, Percentile Below 90.9 Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 55.54, Percentile Below 68.9 Composite Score 620.5, Percentile Below 76.28 Indian & Global Environment 58.69, % Below 8.7  which  is a total score

total score in this mat score card. and which b school i can apply.

21 September 2013, 12:25  

b p prabhakar


[ Scorecard : 22]

Language Comprehension  58.21, Percentile Below 75.84 Mathematical Skills 47.96, Percentile Below 51.75 Data Analysis & Sufficiency 54.43, Percentile Below 72.8 Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 59.84, Percentile Below 81.05 Composite Score 634.5, Percentile Below 79.97 Indian & Global Environment 58.64, % Below 81.16

what would be my total score

02 March 2015, 15:52  

shahid hossain


[ Scorecard : 22]

Sir, I have scored more than 600 in MAT 2015. can you kindly suggest some b schools for me.

20 June 2015, 12:50  

glittus dasayyan

[ Scorecard : 24]

i need to know my mark scored pls help me....

lang Comprehension Percentile Below Mathematical
Percentile Below Data Analysis
& Sufficiency
Percentile Below Intelligence & Critical Reasoning Percentile Below Composite
Percentile Below
37.73 11.59 49.15 59.15 53.99 72.33 40.62 19.16 451.5 22.86
Indian & Global
Percentile Below


62.69 89.37

20 June 2015, 12:57  

glittus dasayyan

[ Scorecard : 24]

need the mark i scored

Attached File : 147906_20150620125733_33_result_mat.docx downloaded 771 times

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