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15 October 2014, 15:01   Report Abuse

Ritika Mathur

Sr. Manager

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It feels like the top of the world when you achieve your dream of pursuing MBA. Doesn’t it? Obviously, you worked hard to get it right. Everyone keeps telling you how good this MBA will be for your career.

But does anyone talk about the stress you are going to go through for the next two years?

MBA is stressful. It is not easy to cope up with studies, assignments, tests, placements, industrial workshops, networking and so many other things!

But at the end of the day, it is you who has to handle all the struggles. You have to cope with both stress and studies.

Here are seven tips from that will help you defuse the stress:

1. Take a break from your academics
Most of the time stress is because of academic pressure. Try to take a break from studies. Go for recreational activities such as swimming, table tennis, playing football or basketball, a jog or dancing. All these will take help you focus on your goal and take the stress away. Not only will it reduce stress, but you’ll feel energetic and refreshed.

2. Avoid unhealthy ways to cope with stress
Sometimes MBA students end up adapting bad habits to avoid stress – smoking, drinking, overeating, under-eating or overeating etc. It surely reduces stress, but temporarily. In the long run, it becomes harmful. One must avoid these habits and opt for good habits to cope up with stress.

3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Healthy living is must for a good life. College, family, society – everyone has several expectations from MBA students. It is advisable that one must adopt a healthy way of living to handle all aspects of life. You must exercise daily, eat healthy food and take good sleep.

4. Do things you love
What makes you happy? Painting, reading, watching movies are good stressbusters. Dancing, eating your favourite food – do whatever helps you de-stress. Take out time for things you love. It can be something as simple as coffee with music.

5. Talk to a friend or family
Leave all the things beside and talk to someone. Talk to your friend, family, professor or anyone with whom you can share your feelings and experiences. Confess. Do not bottle up your problems. You will definitely feel lighter.

6. Pen down your thoughts
Writing is better than speaking. Sometimes, one cannot pinpoint the exact problem. You have so many thoughts in mind but you cannot speak them out. The solution lies in writing. Pen down your thoughts. This may even help you find a solution.

7. Have a positive talk with yourself
In reality, only you can help yourself come out of stress. Talk to yourself. Think positive. Motivate yourself to move ahead in life. If you are positive, your surroundings automatically becomes positive and loving.



21 May 2019, 14:59  

Michael Fisc

[ Scorecard : 28]

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