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5 Key Qualities That Every Boss Looks


Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Being able to adapt to changing situations is one of the most important skills, bosses look for and one should not neglect it.  

As things now change at a far greater speed and pace than ever before, job seekers need to adapt to newer changes and besides also highlight this skill to the employer as it will project you as an assuring prospective to be hired.

Leadership trait is one genre that job seekers cannot afford to ignore if they are contemplating to lead in a more formidable fashion. Being an effective leader will not only earn great amount of respect within their professional community—both from higher executives and peers, but also they would be far better poised to tackle any situation that arises during work.


Almost every employer these days is seeking good team players—but being a good team player isn't always easy.

The moment you are part of an organization, it may need you to deliver a one-time project, or work together on an ongoing basis. So unless you are someone who’s ready to take up this challenge and plan to get things done, being a good team player is a very important skill to possess.



In today's workplace, communication is the skill of utmost importance and we can't stress enough about how important this is in one's career, especially while job hunting.

Though it is one of the easiest skills to prove during interactions with prospective employers, an effective communicator should not leave any room for error and exhibit thoughts in a direct manner. Additionally, job seekers should also look into certain areas, where they feel they lack and focus on to those areas to improve their communications skills.



A nonsensical email comes in from a coworker. The screen-sharing software stops working—right in the middle of a meeting. A storm knocks out power in the home. There are a myriad of things that can (and will) go wrong when employees work from home. A strong job candidate will know how to problem-solve almost any issue that can arise when telecommuting quickly and effectively.



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30 September 2014, 11:30  

Vaibhav Joshi

(F)CA, MBA aspirant

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thanks for sharing useful info..

30 September 2014, 21:10  



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Thanks for share

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