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Declining gracefully - Resignation Etiquette

People resign for multiple reasons - frustration with the current role, a boss who’s driving you crazy, office politics, better pay package, personal commitments, etc....

Corporate Dress Codes Dilemmas

Clothes create impact. In today’s busy world, the visual has become extremely powerful, grabbing instant attention. As clothes form an integral part of our first impression..

Public Speaking for Hyper management Career Growth by Aditya Maheswaran

A very warm welcome to all our viewers today. We are very happy to have with us today Mr. Aditya Maheswaran. Aditya is a speaker, coach and consultant who enables businesses and people...

MCI in an interaction with Santosh K. Patra (Faculty at MICA) on the topic "Demonetisation and its impact on Media & Consumer Behaviour"

Our curiosity about the whole buzz in the media industry, consumer behaviour after the recent demonisation steps taken by PM Narendra Modi, made the Editorial team of MBAclubindia...

Communicating with CXOs

Regardless of the nature of a business, to establish oneself as a market leader or a subject expert, one has to communicate with the “C” people...

Management Lessons from Mumbai Dabbawalas with Dr.Pawan Agrawal

Good morning everyone. I, Praveen Sharma, welcome you all on behalf of Interactive Media. Today, we are here with a very special guest. He is an international motivational speaker, a teacher by passion and a person who...

Effective Listening Skills

Most CEO’s complain that people in the workplace just don’t “listen”. Most of us hear but don't listen and often spend time thinking what we are going to say next! Poor listening skills create...

Learn "How to get hidden high paying jobs in top MNCs?" with Rajeev Jain

A very warm welcome to our readers. We are glad to have with us today- Mr. Rajeev Jain. He is a corporate trainer, published author and programme manager...

MBA Alternatives and its emerging markets

Paras Fatnani has been working with QS for over 5 years helping candidates across India, Middle East and now the UK to connect directly with their dream university..

"Important Tips on Business Etiquette" - MCI in an interaction with Shital Kakkar Mehra

MCI in an interaction with Shital Kakkar Mehra Introduction: Shital Kakkar Mehra is India’s leading business Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant...

"MBA Abroad is all about finding the right fit". says QS Regional Director, Paras Fatnani

Paras Fatnani has been working with QS for over 5 years helping candidates across India, Middle East and now the UK to connect directly with their dream university...

Trends in emerging markets and the role of professional accountants

MCI in an exclusive interaction with Stephen Heathcote, Executive Director - Markets at ACCA and Raymond Jack, Executive Director - Finance & Operations at ACCA..

Design Thinking- the new way to MBA teaching by DM Arvind Mallik

Team MBAclubindia had a lovely opportunity to interact with DM Arvind Mallik. DM Arvind Mallik is the Winning Trend Setter, Best Techno Faculty Award winner 2015, L-R - Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman, ICTACT...

Interesting 5 keys to unlock the love for your work

According to Gallup “of the approximately 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs, 30 million (30%) are engaged and inspired at work...

Going Glocal or Global - How can management professionals work effectively & ambitiously?

Paras Fatnani has been working with QS for over 5 years helping candidates across India, Middle East and now the UK to connect directly with their dream university or business school around the world.

Mr.Waldemar Schmidt teaches you how to become and be a CEO

A very warm welcome to our audiences. We are very glad to have with us today- the very famous and very experienced and an expert who is going to tell you what it takes to be a CEO...

HR Process - A Tussle between Compensation and Performance

Once there was a concept of life-time job. People used to join one organization and would work there for rest of their life. They would grow with company...

MBA Alternatives and its emerging markets

Paras Fatnani has been working with QS for over 5 years helping candidates across India, Middle East and now the UK to connect directly with their dream university or business school around the world..

MCI in an interaction with MICA professor Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza

A very good afternoon and a warm welcome to everyone. We are very glad to have with us today Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza. She is a double gold medallist...

Lessons from the Innovator Teacher- DM Arvind Mallik

D.M Arvind Mallik is a dynamic professional with 7 years of valuable experience in the field of Sales & Marketing, Operations, People Management. He has excellent interpersonal...

Employee Retention - Empowerment and Challenging Assignments

It’s appraisal time. It is that time of the year when employees in Corporate India get evaluated and rewarded for their performance of previous year. This phase of performance evaluation usually expose many internal processes of companies, such as...

Conversation with Lucia Real-Martin, Director, ACCA

Conversation with Lucia Real-Martin, Director, Emerging Markets, ACCA on career in Finance & Accounting and importance of Global Accounting Certification!..

Sneak into Business Communication Curriculum at IIM-R with Dr.Mukesh Kumar

Dr.Mukesh Kumar is an Assistant Professor, Business Comminucation at Indian Institute of Management,Raipur. As an Ex-Google Employee...

MCI in an interaction with Jessica Miller-Merrell on Everything HR

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is an author, speaker, HR professional, and workplace social media expert who has a passion for recruiting, training, and all things social media...

Interview with IIM-A's Placement Team Head on the recent placement report

Team of brings to you a crisp interview with the Placement Team Head- Dr.Satish Y.Deodhar at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (IIM-A)....

The Dressed up Budget

So, what *really* was the colour of that dress? You know, the one that broke the internet. Was it white or gold as it appeared at first glance to a lot of people....

Management Lessons from Bollywood Satsangs- the Enter-Trainer way

I take “Bollywood satsangs” in various forums where I run the movie & introduce my audience to the pearls of wisdom which are hidden in the movies...

Bob Burg Best Selling Author of "The Go-Giver" shares his 5 Laws of Success

Bob Burg is a much sought after speaker on topics important for success of business enterprises, including Fortune 500 Companies. He has written some of the best- sellers.....

Remedies to career stagnation for senior management emloyees

I recently consulted Praveen (name changed), a senior level manager employed with a large corporate, who according to him was facing ‘career stagnation’ after working for almost 18-20 years having achieved ....

Self Marketing: The course of existence towards excellence

When was the last time you sold something?….Oh it was yesterday itself! Every day we are selling ourselves or a part of us. We are selling our thoughts and intellect to our friends and peers....

Why get an MBA over other Business Management Courses?

What motivates students to pursue the MBA qualification and why get an MBA over other business management courses?

Month-wise Strategy to prepare for CAT

Given that students would be thinking of commencing preparation for the CAT exam, here is a on how candidates could go about their preparation over the next few months....

Why MBA Specializations Matter?

An MBA degree is necessarily generalist in nature. It has to cover general aspects of management, such as finance, marketing, accounting and strategy for example. Historically, many schools have offered a functional specialization..

Growing Interest in E-commerce from India's MBA Graduates

A survey conducted by global market research firm Nielson and shared exclusively with the Times of India has revealed that, among India’s MBA graduates...

Choosing an MBA Program: Is There a Right Way to do it?

One of the first and most common mistakes that I see MBA candidates make is that they think there is a methodology or a right way for choosing an MBA program...

'Employability' - Essential Apps!

Gone are the days when people used to get jobs or promotions based just on educational qualifications, marks, percentages, grades! ..

FB-WhatsApp Deal: Lessons To Learn !!

Everyone seems to talk about FB-WhatsApp Deal these days !! Its not just the size of the deal that is talk of the town, but also it is leaving everyone wondering, “What made FB pay such a huge price for WhatsApp ?”...

The 'Must Knows' About the 2014 Financial Times MBA Ranking

The latest Global MBA Ranking of the Financial Times was published at the end of January 2014. It is one of the leading rankings which many MBA prospects look at in trying to make their MBA choices...

What to make out of CAT results this year?

Finally the judgment is out on whether you are potential manager or not, whether you have what it takes to be CEO or not, and whether you have worked enough to deserve a pat on the back! While 196,000 vouchers were sold...

Special Report: What is India, and what is its Future?

We’ve done quite a few special features over the last year of Inside Investing, but this is the first time that we are paying particular focus to a country...

IIM Interview 2 - IIM Kozhikode

The second one in series of 7 interviews was Kozhikode one. The eve of second interview again witnessed some hasty or nasty preparations going on but with diluted vigor. The existing protocol prevailed..

High Impact Interviews – from the other side of the desk!

Whether you’re looking for a casual temp, a trainee, a sales director, PA or cleaner, chances are you’ll have a few interviews ahead of you! Personally, I enjoy interviews..

Do Standards and Specifications Spur or Hinder Innovation?

When we talk about innovation, we usually emphasise how important it is to understand user needs and requirements well. Contemporary innovation paradigms like design thinking require empathic understanding of user needs through...

The Perils Of Being Groomed For Leadership

A few weeks before the end of 2010, Warren Buffett, the legendary investor and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, surprised the financial world by naming a virtual unknown...

Being Realistic about Campus Placements

Campus Placements at post graduate level is a very close to the heart subject not only for students but also for institutes. ‘Getting Placed’ is a thing of celebration for the students and institutes...

Six steps to succession planning success

The identification and development of future management candidates – i.e. succession planning or talent management – was recently identified as one of the top three HR issues for the immediate future..

IIM Interview 1 - IIM Indore

So here I am to jot down highlights of my first IIM interview and this was for IIM Indore on 11th of Feb 2009 and so there I was in Kolkata on 10th afternoon with a friend..


Economic policymakers require an enormous dose of humility, openness to various alternatives (including the possibility that they might be wrong), and a willingness to experiment..

Innovation for Emerging Markets: Insights from Renault's Duster and Gillette's Guard

The author has written about the challenges faced by MNCs in innovating for emerging markets. This article focuses on two recent success stories to see whether they offer new insights.

Learnings from a marwari business family

After graduating from B-School and having learnt all the Porter’s Model and trick of trades for running business, I was all excited to join my family business as I was eager to implement my leanings in real time...

Be a Project Management Professional!

According to Wikipedia, Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end.

A MBA for Good

As I travel around India I get to experience the amazing richness this country has to offer. It’s a buffet for the senses, with infinite tastes, sights, smells, sounds, and feelings..

From the desk of Manager

An MBA masters in business administration - the prospective business managers, are they really administrators & the managers, or it is a mere social understanding? and nothing to do with the reality.

How Not to Choose A Bad MBA College

This is next in the series of my previous article "How to Choose a Good MBA College". This may sound a bit bizzare but I trust it will help students more than the first one in the series.

The gearing importance of Creativity in B-schools across the Globe

A few years ago it was clear what Europe’s role was in the global economy: it led the world in wishful thinking. In the UK this meant that banking was deregulated to the state where regulators closed their eyes.

Hard work pays' says CAT'12 100 percentiler Ravi

MBAclubindia Team had an opportunity to interact with the CAT 2012 100 percentiler - Ravi Teja Palla from Pune. He is a pass out from IIT-Madras and at present he is an Assistant Manager at Tata Motors.

Forging Direct Investment-The big Bang in Indian Retail Sect

The Government of India was initially very apprehensive of the introduction of the Foreign Direct Investment in the Retail Sector in India. But the winds of globalization sweeping across has taken the Indian economic environment.

IBM General Manager says Work experience mandatory for MBA

MBAclubindia Team had the oportunity to interact with the General Manager of IBM, India- Mr.Amit Puri. Here is what he has to share about the various upcoming issues in management education and the gap in the industrial world.

Learning is key to success and not just studying

I am guiding and advising the students in their journey called as 'Career'. My advising though has been majorly through personal interaction but has also been through online media....

What is civilised India In conversation with Dr Pathak of Sulabh

MCI: Sir, you are a benchmark for socialist entrepreneurs, which is not a very easy path. What is your 21st century strategy for your organization?..

Interview with Rashmi Bansal Stay true to yourself

Rashmi Bansal is not just the author of a few bestsellers on Entrepreneurship, she is an avid youth Expert and a 21st century entrepreneur. An IIM-A MBA herself, she is an ardent writer and preacher of Entrepreneurship..

Interview with CAT 2012 Convenor -Expect no surprises

We had to opportunity to take an interview with the CAT Convenor for 2012, Prof. SSS Kumar from IIM Kozhikode. IIM-K had recently announced the CAT 2012 dates....

Marketing Team of 'Superman of Malegaon' from MICA & their trade secrets

Promoting a movie in India in a very limited budeget is quite a task. Team of MBAclubindia Team tried to get some trade secrets out of the MICA Team of 2nd Yr MBA Students who got into the Marketing Team....

Face Challenge and take initiative

George Bernard Shaw said, “Ordinary people adapt themselves to the world. The extra-ordinary persons try to adapt the world to them. Hence the progress and development of the world is through extra-ordinary people.”

Interview-Dr.DK Batra emphasizes upon Corporate Engagement

Dr. D. K. Batra is Ph.D. in ManaDr. D. K. Batra is Ph.D. in Management and M.B.A (Marketing) from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. He graduated in B.Tech (Textile Tech) from Technological Institute of Textiles...

How Am I Different? - By Stacy Blackman Consulting

In this article we are going to discuss the importance of differentiating yourself in your application. Top schools are seeking diversity. No matter how excellent, they will not accept all candidates with similar profiles...

Monetary Policy: The tight rope walk

The monetary policy review announced by the RBI was like a much awaited blockbuster – well, going bust! Speculation was rife which way will the RBI swing – will it cut the rates further amidst talks of slowing ...

Interview: Prof. Anupam Saxena shares his expertise in ERP/SCM

MBAclubindia once again brings to you career advise for budding professionals and students. This time it for those looking at careers in the sphere of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM (Supply Chain Management)....

Why Networking is Important

It’s not what you know, but who you know. Who you know can mean the difference in whether or not your end up reaching your future dreams and goals. There are so many reasons why networking is important, personally and professionally...

Career Options in Finance: A Closer Look

Let me list down the popular career options for an MBA/PGDM Finance student. I am giving here a pretty exhaustive list not necessarily in any order. It might be possible that some options are missed out from it...

Types of Management Courses and their Status

This is the B-School Admission hot-season and the student fraternity may have by now got or will soon get their management Entrance Tests scores, which will decide whether their dream of doing...

Financial Modeling with Excel - Financial Statement Analysis

Readers might face difficulty in selecting a good text on financial statement analysis. As I already said, they can choose any textbook on finance or accounting. As far as my opinion is concerned...

How to Select Specialization in MBA Program

Most of the good B-schools start offering specialization from the 3rd trimester (i.e. the last trimester of the first year of MBA program).

An Exclusive Interview with Industry Stalwarts Mr. Abhinav Chauhan

Keeping in mind ahead of times and introducing something creative with the latest innovative style, Kunstocom was established in 1979. Kunstocom is manufacturer and exporter of Dies, Molds...

Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan

Professor Rishikesha Krishnan is currently a Professor of Corporate Strategy & Policy at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), and a Visiting Fellow at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

Saurabh Bajaj

He is an MBA from NMIMS, and holds the prestigious Financial Risk Manager Degree. Besides being an Investment Expert, he is also a Guest Lecturer, avid writer and even organises seminars and workshops. He also has a lot of accolades to hone his profession. We are proud to have such a multi-dimensional person on board.

Subhadip Guin

A dynamic new entrant who is always keen on sharing the innovative and the interesting of the management world. He is an MBA student and we are glad to have him with us.

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma is presently working with Axis Bank into Operations. His helping nature is quite reflective in the way he shares his suggestions with the professional & students community. We are glad to have you on board.

Dr. Sathish Kr. Ananthula

Dr.Sathish Kumar Ananthula is a Professor with a management institute. He has contributed to the site immensely with his expert advices, discussions. He has been with us for more than 2 years now and the community is quite expectant of his continued contribution. We accolade the member immensely.

Aswathy Nair

Aswathy Nair is a PGDM student and aspirant of a great career ahead. With her inquisitive nature she keeps the forum discussions flowing and her sharing nature keeps the community alive. We are pleased to have you on board.

Vikas Singla

A young and enthusiastic Member, who is an MBA (Finance + Marketing), M.Phil(Mgt) & a Financial Analyst by profession. His contribution in all the arenas of the portal makes him an amicable and helpful Expert, who is a learner too; a perfect exemplary of the vision to share knowledge and build the self as well as the community. We are glad to have you on board.

Anand Wadadekar

He is an ardent author, career consultant, information researcher & faculty of economics. It has been more than 2 years that he has been offering his valuable advices to the users of MBAclubindia. We are grateful for Mr.Anand’s contribution.

Ravi Agarwal

His prestigious list of educational credentials, makes him a genius expert, his approach is more straightforward and helpful.
We are honored to have him on board for almost a year now.

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