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Scope of MBA Distance in my career path Report Abuse

Category : Finance | This query is : resolved

author : ab

Posted On
11 October 2012

i am working as a assistant in finance & accounts dept. along with persuing MBA program from ICFAI Distance Program.
could you please suggest that is MBA distance program is beneficial for me or any other program which will be adding benefit for my career


Expert : Dr. Anand Wadadekar

Posted On
12 October 2012

Competence is the key and not qualification.

Ensure that you have really 'learnt' finance and not just studied.


Expert : Ravi Agarwal

Posted On
15 October 2012

Sometimes just a degree may land an employee to a better position or promotion in the office. If this is the case, then distance learning MBA from any institution is ok.

There is hardly any MBA where you can really "learn" finance. As such, finance is too vast to learn in an MBA program that is quite packed with lot of other courses.


author : ab

Posted On
15 October 2012

Thank you sir. No sir i want to learn Finance. Its not just for any promotion. Please suggest me sir how can i be good in finance part. Sir Seriously my motive in my life is to become CFO in a company. So please suggest me sir. Iwant share 1msg.

Shakespeare did not pass M.A. in Enlish.
But now No one Can't pass M.A. in Enlish without Reading Shakespeare Book.

Success is What you Make it...


Expert : Ravi Agarwal

Posted On
15 October 2012

If you are so passionate about finance learning, then you must persue a course known as CFA (USA). You can get the required details from following link:

There is no program matching the above.


author : ab

Posted On
16 October 2012

Ok. Thank you sir.


Expert : Dr. Anand Wadadekar

Posted On
17 October 2012

CFA would be best for you then. Best Luck




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