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Return on Investment & Asset Report Abuse

Category : Finance | This query is : open

author : Rakesh Bagade

Posted On
18 October 2012

I am working in retail industry. I need your expertise view on the topic “Return on investment & Return on Asset “ to understand this in professional way. Please refer the below case & give me your expertise option on the case

A company engage in retail business want to open a new retail shop in Mumbai. The following is the sales, opex & capex incurred for that particular store. What will be the ROI in this circumstances for this said store.

Sale 600.00
COGS 413.72
Margin 186.28

Opex 138.20
EBIDTA 48.07
Depreciation 18.00
PAT 30.07

** Total capex incurred on marking this shop is 100.
** all above figures are in lacs

Please help. Thanks in advance.




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