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Category : Information Technology | This query is : resolved

author : Ranjeet Nalawade

Posted On
21 June 2017

I have done MBA with Information Technology and Have Basic qualification in B.S.C. in computer science (BCS). Now in which Profile i should search Job ?


Expert : Member (Account Deleted)

Posted On
13 October 2017

Today is time of specialisation. MBA IT has no market value unless you go to manageemnt side of such compnaies specially IT related compnaies.
Do you have any experience ? how much ? in what field?

you must focus on sunrise areas now like digital marketing, IoT, data analytics, robotics, automation for bright future .

Dont waste your time in useless paper degrees.
There is too much crowd in IT now and companies are going down who are in low expertise data crunching run of mill work.

unless you share your key profile points cant give precise help




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