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Is EMBA a masters degree Report Abuse

Category : Operations | This query is : resolved

author : Hercules

Posted On
26 January 2018

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have done Graduate Diploma in Materials Management from Indian Institute of Materials Management( 2 year course). I want to do masters course.

1) Is EMBA a masters course.

2) Is it recognised in Companies.

3) Since i have already done a 2 year management course should i do a master of commerce or EMBA. Which will be better.
Now i am 46 years old.

Thanks for your responses in advance.


Expert : Member (Account Deleted)

Posted On
26 January 2018

Pl Tell me more about your summary work experience, type of company you are working and your education details.Then only can give definite suggestions


author : Hercules

Posted On
27 January 2018

Dear Sir,

I have worked in admin and purchase.

My last job was in packaging company handling purchase.

Presently I am unemployed and looking for job in purchase in packaging or admin purchase or promotional materials.

I am 46 years. I have done and diploma in materials management.

Presently doing Graduate diploma in materials management 2 yrs course which will get completed in June 2018 this year. I want to do a masters degree.

Should I do masters of commerce or emba. is emba masters degree. Which will be more scopeful from job point of view.Is emba recognised by companies.

Considering my age 46, does it make sense to do a costly course like emba. will it benefit me since I will retire in 10 to 12 years.

Thanking you and awaiting your response.


Expert : Member (Account Deleted)

Posted On
27 January 2018

You did not tell name of last company you worked.

the 2 years diploma that you are doing is as good as PGDBM of any institute .
ebmba i have not much idea.these are mostly money making.
GO to any NAAC accredited university offering distance education MBA. of course the best is IGNOU.Internationally recognized and tough. 3 years it needs.Otherwise there are many universities like symbiosis.
university only please no institute
you can do form AIMA Delhi .MBA. better to do form campus or MBA executive of IIM Calcutta. But these are all costly.
Cheapest is distance MBAs of NAAC accredited University of government.
Like IGNOU I told
Dont do now form a non accredited ( by NAAC or NBA) university as government has banned distance education
another thing check MBA course should be approved by Distance education council Delhi

I hope that meets your requirements

Let me add at this age , your quality of experience and work record is more important than degrees.
Better find a good company job rather than wasting time in course snow .Since you are already doing 2 years course./

if you want to go in academics only then do proper PG like MCom but regular courses.Then you can go as lecturer. You can also later do PhD in 2.5 years time after that and become Associate professor .salaries are very good now of UGC A professor get 1.2 lacs minimum .Associate professor 80000 Asst professor 60-70000. &th pay commission is yet not implemented. There is huge shortage of teaching faculty

But if you want to be in business sector go for MBA executive not full MBA that is not at all is for 1.5 years maximum and cheaper.Even good universities now offer these.


author : Hercules

Posted On
29 January 2018

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your guidance.

Is MBA Executive of 1.5 years a masters degree.




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