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asked on 20 August 2016

Business Economics- various costs

Can someone please help me the below

1. Jamie is considering leaving her current job, which pays $75,000 per year, to start a new company that develops applications for smart phones. Based on market research, she can sell about 50,000 units during the first year at a price of $4 per unit. With an annual overhead costs and operating expenses amounting to $145000. Jamie expects a profit of 20 percent. This margin is 5 percent larger than of her largest competitors, Apps. Inc.
a. If Jamie decides to embark on her new venture, what will her accounting cost be during the first year of operation? Her implicit costs? Her opportunity cost?
b. Suppose that Jamie’s estimated selling price is lower than originally projected during the first year. How much revenue would she need in order to earn positive accounting profits? positive economic profit?

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asked on 20 August 2016

Business Economics

Can someone help me with a response on the below
The Board of Trustees of a leading State University is faced with a critical financial problem. At present tuition rates, the University is losing $ 7.5 million per year. The President of the University urges that tuition rate may be raised by $750 over the present $3000 rate - a 25% increase. Based on the current strength of 10000 students now attending the school, he projects that this increase would cover the $7.5 million shortfall in revenues. Student leaders protest that they cannot afford a hike tuition rate. The president responds that the only alternative is cut back significantly on programs and faculty. The students quickly realize that any appeal that involves compassion for their plight is likely to fall on deaf ears. Their only hope is to demonstrate that the tuition hike is not in the best interest of the University.
(A journal articles reveals that the elasticity for enrollment at state university is – 1.3 with respect to the tuition charges)
If the tuition fee is hiked as contemplated, what will be its impact on revenue? Given the situation is it advisable to increase the tuition fees to cover the revenue short fall? Give reasons. If you are the students’ leader, how will you convince the management that the fee like is not the best course of action to increase the revenue?

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Sushil Kumar Bindal

asked on 12 May 2016

Accounting rate of return & Internal rate of return

I have a project report made in excel. How can i calculate ARR & IRR using NPV with discount 10%, 15%, 20% for 8 years. Can any one provide me demo project report having this.

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Aihant Bothra

asked on 10 March 2016


I want take a godown on rent basis but the owner is not agree to given any document ie. agreement nor reciept of rent.
Will you please inform me is it neccessary to give detail of land lord at the timt of filing of my IT return.

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dhirendra kumar yadav

asked on 02 December 2015

date of birth change in passport

Dear sir,
how to change date of birth in passport

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asked on 03 November 2015

Secondary Product eating primary product

Sir. I own a publications and I have published around 25 subjects. My business was running successfully. 5 years back I introduced a "Light Version" i.e., the same publications with a simple language. Now in the past 5 years the new product has started eating i.e., my primary product. There is a huge profit percentage in the new product too, so I dont feel like killing the new product.

Pls let me know if there is a WIN WIN Situation decision that can be taken..??

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asked on 28 July 2015

Profession Tax duplicate no assessment notice

We got notice from Profession tax department Assessment notice, which they had allotted us duplicate no 2737511543p which was already submitted cancel request for PTRC no. how to reply to PTRC department

Thanks & Regards

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Shamsul Arfeen

asked on 01 June 2015

What are the process for pf ???

Hello Everyone,

Please guide me what to do for obtaining PF for our sole proprietor Business.

what condition are there?
what amount will be charged?
from where to start?
what to keep in mind while applying for this ??

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Abhishek Roy Choudhury

asked on 22 April 2015

Tax Audit or Manual Audit

A partnership firm showing profit @ 6.00% till the previous year and done tax audit as because profit is lower than 8% though the turnover is less than the tax audit limit. Now from this financial year they want to show profit @ 8% or above and to do manual audit with other things i.e. revenue generation, expenses would remain almost same than that of the previous year. Can it be done and whether it would create any problem in future. Please reply at the earliest.

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asked on 13 December 2014

SAP Sales and Distribution Module

I'm Pursuing MBA Retail in Andhra University, and i wanna join SAP Sales and Distribution Module. So at what level, SAP SD will helpful in getting opportunity in present Retail industry or sector..?

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